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5 Best Free Printed Circuit Board Software


This article to discuss the 5 Best Free PCB configuration software's in the business sector today. Before relatively few years, PCBs used to be composed physically with the assistance of a photographic cover on a Mylar sheet. Schematic circuit used [...]

LiteManager 4.8 – Gain Remote Access to Your PC Through an Internet Connection


LiteManages is a well-known system that gives users remote control over their computers in real-time. The latest 4.8 update to this handy controlling system includes all the advantages of the previous versions, allowing you to have a full remote administration [...]

Looking for Freelance work? Contentmart is here for you


Are you an aspiring freelance writer? Looking to launch your career in the online world? Want to earn money from home? If your answer to any of these questions is in affirmative, sit tight as Contentmart is here to realize [...]

How do rich people spend their money online?


Whilst most of us try and use the best money-saving methods to find a bargain online, the world’s elite seem to be content to pay a little extra to flaunt their wealth in the online domain. So from exclusive online [...]

5 Secrets to Developing a Killer App (and Keeping it That Way)


It’s no secret that mobile Apps have become one of the most important and central parts of our everyday lives.  At the dawn of the app boom, the catchphrase “There’s an app for that” was used almost jokingly to highlight [...]

Soda PDF 8: Convert to Word, Excel, JPG and Secure Your Documents


You may have heard of the Soda reader, which can convert PDFs to different formats and vice versa. Now in its 8th edition, you will find this digital technology to be easier to use and more enjoyable than ever before. [...]