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How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Store


The number of smartphones and tablets exceeded the world's population as people want to stay online wherever they may be. People not only chat, share pictures, read news, but also do shopping online. That's why the internet is great for [...]

6 ways CRM can help your Ecommerce Business


Customer Resource management or CRM is an umbrella term which takes into account various strategies which different companies employ in order to analyze their interaction with their customers. After getting data, these companies then take steps to improve their customer [...]

Why Bitcoin Is Becoming a Mainstream Payment Method in Online Gambling


Bitcoin is a digital currency or, more precisely, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It exists only online and its current worth per coin is a bit under $600. Many consider the Bitcoin to be a revolutionary concept that forever changed [...]

What does Brexit mean for cybersecurity?


Brexit headlines have been coming thick and fast for some months now. Now that the dust has settled on the referendum result, the effects of leaving the European Union on cybersecurity have become a little clearer. Here’s our summary of [...]

5 Must haves for your Auto Dealership Business


The economic environment for auto dealers today is a complicated ecosystem. With a surfeit of dealers, manufacturers and models vying for customer attention in a market dominated by online researching, reviewing and selling, auto dealers need to be up to [...]

Playster: Changing The World Of Streaming


The entertainment industry is becoming increasingly comprehensive as there are more and more providers offering home entertainment services. This shows that entertainment in all its forms, especially at home, is constantly evolving and changing with the times. Playster is one [...]