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3 Reasons Online Security Is A Great Blogging Niche


If you’re still looking for a niche topic to blog about, online security might not seem like the perfect choice. After all, you’ve probably come across 5 articles about VPNs this week on Facebook alone. You’d be forgiven for thinking [...]

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Adapters


Everything is becoming wireless in this fast-paced world. Bluetooth Adapters have become a necessity in this modern day to create a personal network between all of your devices making exchanging of files easier. If you are looking for Cheap Bluetooth [...]

How does Bitcoin work?


Few subjects are as hotly debated – and as seldom understood – as Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin serves as peer to peer money and is not controlled by any central authority. Bitcoin, as both a currency and [...]

The Many Advantages of Pair Testing


You want to make the most of your site or software application, you have ideas but you are not sure what will work best. Only 17% to 20% companies use pair testing platform for testing the software product. Companies who [...]

Business Travel Crimping Your Margins? Try These 6 Cost-Cutting Tips


No matter how careful you were, you could probably stand to cut your company’s travel budget. With foresight and discipline, these six strategies are all relatively easy to accomplish. Stay Away from Pricey Destinations To the extent possible, avoid traveling [...]

10 Cybersecurity Myths That Every Organization Should Know


Cybersecurity has become the buzzword when it comes to organizational security and threat mitigation. In a world where every transaction and every idea gets a commonplace on the internet, coming up with technical authentications doesn’t seem to be a waste [...]

Is Playing Video Games Good for Your Brain?


According to Nottingham Trent University’s professor of Gambling Studies, Mark Griffiths, video game play is beneficial to brain function. Playing fun games, including puzzle games, board games, and online games, can have multiple positive effects on cerebral function. Over the [...]