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3 Reasons Online Security Is A Great Blogging Niche


If you’re still looking for a niche topic to blog about, online security might not seem like the perfect choice. After all, you’ve probably come across 5 articles about VPNs this week on Facebook alone. You’d be forgiven for thinking [...]

Understanding the scope and utility of Sanity testing


Testing is a big challenge. A tiny, disregarded bug can smash the core functionality of the product. To verify that planned functionality of the product is functioning as expected varied testing phases are engrossed. Sanity test or Sanity check is [...]

UrbanClap provided me with a web design company when I couldn’t find any


The emergence of Internet over the past few decades has ensured that the whole world can fit on the palm of our hands, inside a single smartphone. We can use our mobile device to search for anything and everything we [...]

Is Technology Improving Our Education?


Some people have doubts whether technology has improved modern education or made it weaker, it is a controversial topic for discussions and persuasive writing papers in colleges. Technology has definitely changed the educational process, and nowadays students do not even [...]

How Online Gambling Has Contributed to The Evolution of Internet Technologies


The online gambling industry is now big business. Currently, the revenues for online gambling are generating as much as 47.11 billion dollars a year, and this is set to steadily increase for many years to come. That is a whole [...]

How To Recover Deleted Messages Without Backup?


All of the new technology around has made this world a global village. You can talk to your loved ones without geography being a hindrance. Even if you don’t have a vocal conversation, you can send each other messages to [...]

How Technology can Improve Window Opening Systems


To keep any building secure, all points of entry must be considered. Aside from the main entrance, the emergency exits and windows need to be safe too. At first sight, doing that may seem like a lot of work, but [...]