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5 Animated Movies That Created History


There was a time when cinema halls played romantic and sci-fi genre movies only and there was no sign of animation, however, movies took a turn when animated movies stepped into the world of cinema. Animated movies portrayed heart-warming stories [...]

3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Old Books


[Image Credit – BoostMyBudget.com] They definitely are believed to be our best friends. Be it story books or books of academia; this source of knowledge is unparalleled. While not many people have hordes of story books at their houses, textbooks [...]

Selective Software – What Makes an Ideal ERP System?


For modern businesses, one thing is clear. Technology is the future. If you want to do something faster and with more accuracy, invest in digital software. The problem, of course, is that there’s so much software on the market that [...]

CherryRush – Online gambling on the rise


Online gambling is extremely popular on mobile devices right now, with a huge range of games available and online providers allowing players to enjoy 24/7 casino gaming. Despite this huge level of interest, Google still doesn’t allow users to download [...]

5 Useful Mobile Apps for Backpackers


Backpacking is fun but at the same time, highly demanding and puts forward challenges that can be hard pressed. It takes you to unknown places, puts you in between people speaking a completely foreign language, make it difficult to understand [...]

How Technology is Helping Drought Stricken Regions


In the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that the world’s weather patterns are undergoing some drastic changes. Extreme climate change has caused some regions to suffer from severe rainfalls and flooding, while other areas have shown signs [...]