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Cool New Features of the Latest MacBook Pro


The new MacBook Pro is finally upon us. Freelance writers, graphic designers, and photographers around the world are undoubtedly rejoicing. Other than the typical updates to power, speed, display, and reduction to the width, the latest iteration of the MacBook [...]

Powerful Team Collaboration from Microsoft Surface Hub


Microsoft Surface Hub is the latest in innovative technology provided by Viju, which can transform the way you work as a team and share ideas, in order to progress as a business. With a highly interactive display, collaborative technology such [...]

Is a tech bubble a possibility?


While the tech industry is booming, with venture capitalists throwing money around in Silicon Valley like there is no tomorrow, some are beginning to get a little worried. Of course, we need to encourage innovation and creative ways to solve [...]

Understanding the Importance of Two Factor Authentication in Document Security


An essential safety characteristic worth seeking in a virtual data room is that of two factor authentication. Simply put, two factor authentications relates to a procedure where increased measures are taken to affirm an individual's identification before permitting them to [...]

5 Emerging Virtual Reality Trends For 2017


If virtual reality is to become more than merely a fad, it needs to blow past early adopters or as we normally call them, nerds. Yep, it might not always sound nice but, more often than not, high tech doesn't [...]

A Virtual Revolution – The Widening World of VR Development


A trend that has made itself impossible to ignore over the last few years, the fervent anticipation for virtual and augmented reality technologies has lead to a universal stream of updates and product wars as companies compete for digital supremacy. [...]