Social Wick Review: Does It Work?

Updated October 6, 2023

A social media growth platform called SocialWick claims that it may assist users in gaining actual; followers, likes, and comments. But does it work?

Online reviews for Social Wick are primarily favorable. However, there are also some unfavorable ones. Some people claim that utilizing SocialWick significantly increased the number of their followers, while others claim that they had no change at all. 

What is the reality of Social Wick? Is it a trustworthy method of expanding your social media profile?

I’ll examine SocailWick in more detail in this review to determine whether it works. I will also review the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the platform and offer my judgment on whether it is worthwhile. 

I’ve been using SocialWick, and the results have exceeded my expectations. I have more than 4,000 followers on Instagram, and my engagement has significantly increased. Additionally, my posts are receiving more likes and comments.

SocialWick Review

How To Use SocialWick?

  • With SocialWick, users may increase their social media followings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, youtube, and other platforms. According to your account, organic growth is available, so your followers and interactions will expand naturally rather than as a result of bots or fraudulent profiles. 
  • Based on your industry, specialty, and target audience, SocailWick promotes your account to that audience. This increases the likelihood they will follow you by ensuring your account is upgraded to those most likely to be interred in your material. 
  • You must register for an account with SocialWick and link your social network accounts before using the services. After that, choose the platform you wish to use to expand and define your target market. Additionally, you may decide how quickly and how many followers you want to gain. 
  • After you make a purchase, SocialWich immediately starts advertising your account. Depending on your target market and quantity of followers you intend to acquire, different audiences will require different amounts of time to obtain followers. However, the majority of customers claim to have noticed the effects quickly. 

Pros Of SocialWick: 

The following are some pros of adopting SocialWick:

  • Organic growth: SocialWick guarantees organic growth, which implies a naturally rising number of followers and interactions. This is crucial to keep your account’s integrity and social media platforms from acting against you.
  • Actual followers: SocialWick claims it only uses actual followers, so you don’t have to worry about your account being flooded with inactive or bot-controlled accounts. This will enable you to increase audience engagement and reach more people.
  • Variety of services: SocialWick provides a range of services, including followers, likes, views, and more, to help you increase your social media profile. This implies you may modify your growth approach to suit your unique requirements.
  • User-friendly interface: SocialWick’s interface is simple to use, making it simple to sign up and manage your account. You can choose the services you want, keep track of your progress, and get assistance if you need it by contacting customer support.
  • 24/7 customer support: If you have any questions or issues, you can always get assistance from SocialWick’s customer support team. This is vital for peace of mind and ensuring you get the most out of your SocialWick experience.

Cons of SocialWick:

The use of SocialWick as review content has several drawbacks:

  • Fake engagement and followers: SocailWick employs bots to generate phony followers and interactions for your social media profiles. This may cause Instagram or other platforms to mark your account as spam, harming your credibility with your followers. 
  • Possibility of account suspension: Using socialWich might put your Social media accounts in danger of being suspended by Instagram or other networks. This is so because bots and fake engagement are strictly prohibited on these platforms. 
  • Lack of customer service: SocialWick needs to provide customer service. This implies that you will only have someone to contact for assistance if you experience any issues with your account or order. 
  • High pricing: SocialWick’s charges are higher than many other social media marketing platforms. This implies paying a premium for phony followers and interactions that might ruin your account. 

SocialWick has a lot of unfavorable ratings online. Many users have stated that they obtained bogus followers and interactions and that their accounts were suspended after utilizing a social wick. 

Social Wick pricing

SocialWick price is pricier than other rivals, making it less cost-effective for those seeking economical social growth options. The breakdown of their pieces for some of the most well-known social media networks is as follows:


  • $11.24 for 1000 followers 
  • $28.11 for 2500 followers 
  • $50.67 for 5000 followers 
  • $96.89 for 10,000 followers


  • $43.74 for 1000 followers 
  • $95.21 for 2500 followers 
  • $172.17 for 5000 followers 
  • $295.89 for 10,000 followers


  • $14.99 for 1000 followers 
  • $37.49 for 2500 followers 
  • $69.99 for 5000 followers 
  • $139.99 for 10,000 followers. 

In addition to these base pricing, Social Wick takes extra cost for services like lifetime warranties, priority shipping, and targeted reach.


Can Social Work Guarantee Results?

SocialWick provides engagement services that are intended to boost your social media metrics. However, they cannot guarantee specific outcomes, such as increased sales and guaranteed virality. The effectiveness of your service might vary based on your content quality, target audience, and overall social media strategy. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results? 

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on the packages you purchase and the platform you’re targeting. Some engagements might show shortly after the service is activated, while others might take longer. 

Is Socialwick Safe To Use? 

Using any form of third-party engagement carries some risk, as it might violate the terms of service of social media platforms. While SocialWick aims to provide safe and authentic service, there’s still a possibility of negative repercussions, such as temporary or permanent account suspension. Users should carefully consider the risk before using such services. 


SocialWick’s usefulness as a tool for growing social media platforms is mixed, having positive aspects and possible drawbacks. SocialWick provides an easy way to increase metrics; its ultimate effectiveness depends on how effectively it integrates with a genuine and significant online presence. I think social wick can assist you in expanding your social media audience. It is a platform that offers genuine, organic growth and is trustworthy and safe. I heartily endorse it!

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  • is 100% scam – beware, they steal your credit card info and use it elsewhere

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