Product Design Trends 2023: What You Need to Know

Updated October 26, 2023

Customers tend to judge products faster than they anticipate. Most are likely to judge it visually even before they begin using it or learning more about the product. Therefore, one of the first rules of product design is to ensure any new product is visually appealing.

Besides being attracted to the visual appeal, the customers get more judgmental as they begin using the product; hence, you should also pay attention to the product’s performance to match the visual appeal.

Creating the best product requires a rigorous design process consisting of various players committed to ensuring parlance, visual, and functionality appeal. To meet all these objectives, there are product design rules to follow.

A perfect product must appreciate and integrate global trends to match the current and future market needs. If you want to maintain a competitive edge, ensure the outsourced and in-house product development teams consider these trends. Here are some trends to watch out for in 2023.

Product Design

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Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

The term sustainability is diverse but mainly focuses on the environmental impact of the product and how much it protects the users. Sustainability rules generally differ for various products you want to design, for instance. All electronics must focus on lowering emissions, using less energy, and promoting some elements of renewability.

For foods, body care, and other products, sustainability is about creating a product that is friendly to the body. Generally, sustainable product development should aim at avoiding resources from endangered species, child labor, harmful products, etc.

Finally, the rule also focuses on product disposal to ensure the products do not have environmental effects upon disposal.

Meeting all these rules can be challenging; however, you need to abide by them to ensure you create the best products. Therefore, you can outsource work to a team of creative product designers to help you with ideas for creating appealing and sustainable products. With their help, you can navigate critical issues like product development, modification, improvement, and other innovative trends. When outsourcing, ensure the team has experience and relevant skills to help you create the most innovative products.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

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Making Everything Minimal

Gone are the days when people would tolerate bulky products, making it difficult to carry them around. Nowadays, every product you design must be minimal in terms of the resources needed to operate it and the size. This principle applies to key products like fashion, tech, furniture, homes, and many more.

Everyone is obsessed with proper space utilization and carrying their products everywhere. Being aware of that, you should utilize relevant strategies to ensure the final design is simple, minimal, attractive, and addresses all the consumer needs.

For a perfect product, the team can work with customers or specific product users to factor in their needs and how they would want the product to be. For a better outcome, they can also use different technologies that help in meeting minimization goals.

Introducing Dark Modes for Tech Devices

Consumer safety matters when creating new products, especially digital and technological ones. Therefore, one of the areas to focus on is the impact of blue light originating from the device on the user’s eye. People tend to spend more time on their gadgets, and as a manufacturer, you ought to care about their safety by introducing dark mode.

This mode ensures the light is dim, enabling one to use their device longer without issues like eye strain, pains, or headaches. Even for app and website applications, this mode is compulsory in case the user only wants a dark mode for some applications.

Dark Modes for Tech Devices

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Gender Neutral Products

As issues of sex and gender-oriented products become more contentious, most people are currently gravitating toward a central point to create something impressive for both parties. Whenever you are creating products, especially certain fashion products like shoes, shirts, trousers, jackets, and hoodies, ensure you have gender-neutral versions.

The theme of gender neutrality is also ideal for organizations to make more sales by creating different product versions. Creating a gender-neutral product unlocks a new target market that is rapidly growing. This can greatly boost your product sales, especially if you have variations for your product lines.

Gender Neutral Products

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Appealing to User Emotions and Empathy

Emotions are a key driver for most customers when making product decisions; this explains loyalty or the decision to shift to another product. The rule of thumb is to create a product that resonates with the user’s emotions and purchase behaviors. Before the team begins their design, focus on the emotional design theory to resonate with the user’s empathy.

While designing the product, first, understand the user needs and preferences, then create a product that addresses all these key goals.


When creating a new product, abide by the global trends and the changing user preferences and tastes to make an emotionally appealing product that addresses all the user needs.

Next, you should focus on the visual appeal to make it noticeable from afar, hence luring the users to try it out. Besides the trends, focus on the user needs, preferences, and tastes to ensure the product performance is in accordance with what the user desires. 

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