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6 Signs to Find Out if Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked


Even home users’ smartphones are not protected from hacking. The following warning signs suggest that your smartphone has been hacked. There are numerous reasons for which cyber criminals hack smartphones. Some want to spy on trade secrets; others are interested [...]

How To Get the Most Out of Your Live Answering Service


Does your business receive phone calls at all hours of the day and night? Do you find yourself spending too much time on the phone and not enough time on your work? Perhaps you’re worried you’re missing important sales opportunities [...]

How to Get Your Funds Back from an Online Scam


Have you fallen victim to an online scam? If so, we’re sorry. It sucks to lose your money to scammers. Sometimes, a scam manages to only take a small amount of your money (such as if you spent $20 ordering [...]

5 Whiteboard Video Production Tips for Beginners


Are you accustomed to whiteboard animation videos, or have you come across some while on the internet? Well, if not, this is one such instance where a story is narrated using specific art and drawings on a whiteboard. The artist [...]

Which Antivirus is Best for Window’s Security?


Cyber attacks are a major threat to our online presence and cost millions to people every year. Other than money, many have lost their personal information, their files, sensitive data about businesses, and whatnot. Therefore, as important it is to [...]

Factors to Consider While Choosing an ISP


Choosing an internet service provider seems a very easy task, but you get to know that it’s not a piece of cake as it seems when you get into the process of getting internet service through an internet service provider. [...]

Content Editing Tools to Produce Error-Free Writing


We all prepare various papers for studies, work, and other purposes. Undoubtedly, everyone wants not only to get original content but also to ensure that a paper is error-free. But are there any tools that will let you check your [...]

Why is Microsoft Access Database still in Use?

Web Browser

The Microsoft Access database application has been in the picture since 1992 which featured version 1.0. During this time, it was rated as an innovative application, as a lot of relational databases were costly or DOS applications. MS Access was [...]

How to Stop Robocalls with Ease in 2021


Robocalls are a plague. Okay, perhaps that’s a bad choice of words in the current climate, but you get what we mean. For many of us, robocalls and spam calls pester us during the day. Some of them wait until [...]

How To Get Your Spouses Text Messages


Do you want to hack your wife’s or husband’s cell phone to read text messages? How easy can you hack into your spouses text messages? There are millions of people searching and wondering how you can do it. To read [...]