Face Liveness Detection for Ensuring the Liveness of the Client

Updated October 9, 2023

Biometric systems have remarkable benefits in every industrial sector, and companies implement these solutions daily. These scanners reduce fraudulent activities, as they enhance the security of businesses. Hackers are also becoming very advanced; they are driving new techniques and tactics to decode the algorithm of the user account. Spoofing techniques are used to bypass the biometrics; Therefore, the legal authorities needed to make a stronger biometric. Face liveness detection is the advanced form of these scanners, as it is impossible to dodge these solutions. The US government faces 13.7 billion US dollars due to cybercrime; to prevent businesses from all these scams, integrating face liveness detection is necessary.

What is Liveness Detection For Face Recognition?

Face Liveness Detection

The unique features of the individuals are used to verify the client’s identity; the scanner ensures the liveness of the customer. Any spoofing activity like a 3D mask or other presentation is immediately detected. Daily, people upload their pictures on Instagram and Facebook accounts, and hackers can use these images and present them to biometrics to bypass them. However, liveness detection is very advanced; it monitors the eye or head movement of the user, and after proper verification, it grants access.

How Does Live Facial Recognition Work?

Biometric systems use the neural network that distinguishes between real and fake faces; the clients’ facial features are adequately analyzed using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence tools. There are two types of liveness detection: active and passive. In active form, the person is asked to perform head movement or blinking. While in passive detection, the image or video of the user is used.

Why Do Companies Integrate Face Identity Recognition?

  1. KYC Checks

Face liveness detection is a part of Know Your Customer (KYC), and regulatory authorities have made it essential for companies to verify their customers. For authentication of users, they have to pass through face recognition liveness detection.

  1. Check-in and Check-out in Offices

Owners do not have to install a camera to monitor the activity of their workers. These solutions can be used to keep the employees’ attendance records and entrance and exit activity. A company can track its employees and reward them accordingly.

  1. Secure Warehouse

All the goods of the companies are secured in the warehouses, therefore their security is very crucial. Organizations can allow only authentic persons to enter and leave the particular territory; the activity of the workers of the warehouse can be monitored through it.

  1. Customer Experience

Clients prefer the companies that keep their data safe and preserve their credentials. Therefore, companies must satisfy their clients with proper security; face liveness detection enhances their safety. It saves their time and capital; clients prefer a company that provides user-friendly services; companies can strengthen their client retention rate through it.

  1. Online Transactions Security

Digital banking is now ubiquitous, and clients do not prefer to go to the banks. They perform all their transactions from the comfort of their house. The security of their payments is paramount, and face liveness detection ensures that only authentic persons log in to the account and perform the operations.

  1. Enhanced Protection

2-factor verification is used to increase security without using passwords or sim codes.

  1. Duplicate Account Detection

Some gamers log in from different accounts to win bonuses in the gaming industry. This activity can be controlled by face liveness detection; when the gamer faces the camera, the entire record will pop up, and the gamer can not log in from any different account.

  1. Real Identity

Fake identities do most scams; scammers steal and use other clients’ data for illicit purposes. Children, older people, or people experiencing homelessness are the victims of these scams because they rarely know that their account is used by someone else. Face liveness detection checks the authenticity of the user and ensures that only a real person is sitting in front of the camera.


Face liveness detection ensures that only genuine and verified clients bypass the account; these scanners do not give access to unauthorized persons. The hackers can’t decode the algorithms of these scanners, as only the actual client is given access to the account. These scanners provide enhanced security to the client and companies; their credentials are saved. They do not have to recall passwords or pins; by just facing the camera, their verification is done. The swift speed has enhanced these scanners’ importance, as the entire process is done in seconds. This one-time investment has shown proven results for the companies by increasing their revenue and ranking them globally.

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