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How does Bitcoin work?


Few subjects are as hotly debated – and as seldom understood – as Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin serves as peer to peer money and is not controlled by any central authority. Bitcoin, as both a currency and [...]

The Importance of Voice Search Optimization Will Increase in 2018 and Beyond


Last year, the best-selling Black Friday product on Amazon was the company’s own affordable voice-controlled digital assistant, Amazon Echo Dot. At the same time, an increasing number of homes are equipped with Google Home in Canada: a speaker with Artificial [...]

Business Travel Crimping Your Margins? Try These 6 Cost-Cutting Tips


No matter how careful you were, you could probably stand to cut your company’s travel budget. With foresight and discipline, these six strategies are all relatively easy to accomplish. Stay Away from Pricey Destinations To the extent possible, avoid traveling [...]

So You Want To Start A Podcast At Home? Here’s The Secret


There are plenty of misconceptions about podcasting, foremost among which is that it is difficult to do. The mere thought of the technicality behind producing a podcast that people want to listen to intimidates many that they don’t even bother [...]

Should You Pay for A Professional CV Writing Service?


There’s no correct way to create a CV. However, consider these general rules when creating a CV Have the information easily read and laid out: The information in the CV is organized, not cramped, and easy to read. It’s concise [...]

Augur: February 2018 Cryptanalysis


What is Augur? Augur is a search engine application that runs on Ethereum’s blockchain. It uses the wisdom of the community to create a decentralized search engine. The platform runs off of REP Tokens, which are used to make markets [...]