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Protecting your Information when Shopping Online


Just like you would use something like to protect your physical credit cards, so you must make sure that your online data is secure. Today, people do a lot of online shopping thanks to how convenient it is to [...]

Small Business Search Engine Optimization Tips you Should Follow in 2017


[Image Credit] Everyone who starts a business does so to make money. The end goals may vary – you may be looking for long-term security, stability for you and your family and so on – but, when it comes down [...]

Ways to Manage Your SME From Your Mobile Phone


"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them." - Paul Hawken Have you just bought a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), or are [...]

Best Photography Practices for Small-Medium Businesses


There are many advantages to creating your own database of photographs for any small to medium business. With larger companies it may be a bit less manageable but, depending on the company, it could be worth a try. Regardless of [...]

How Much Should You Pay For SEO Services?


If you’ve never hired a company to take care of your SEO services for you, you may wonder how much it is reasonable to pay for such a service. That depends on a large number of factors such as the [...]

Frequently asked questions about agile project management


Agile is a project management methodology that uses sprints (short cycles) to enable someone to focus on continuous improvement of a service or a product. Ideally, it reduces the complexity that many months-long cycles have, by breaking them down into [...]