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What New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) Mean for Your Company


Sometimes Google simply wants to help out websites, but with any adjustments or a new algorithm from the search engine, businesses scramble to figure out how these changes stand to affect them. Back in April this year, Google announced its [...]

How to Find the Best IT Company in Hertfordshire?


It is vital for any business to hire the services of an IT company. Unless that business is in IT themselves, it would be impossible for this type of work to be done internally, bar hiring an IT specialist. While [...]

How To Organize Your Office – Helpful Infographic for Bloggers


If you are planning of starting your own office, you should have  a look on the information provided in the below infographic. This will help you provide information about where to place your items, files, computer and other useful resources [...]

6 Technology Trends That May Affect the Future of Our Health


We live in an unprecedented era in terms of sudden technological advancement. The rate at which technology has changed in our lifetime is extreme compared to that experienced by previous generations, which has both good and bad effects. On the [...]

Why Do You Need to Invest in Employee Training Courses?


Businesses are now becoming more dependent on technology. This means that employees need to become comfortable using customized computer software quickly if they want to successfully transition into their new working environment. Companies like Phorest specialise in bringing important modern [...]

Avoid Over or Underspending on a Business Server


Nowadays a server is commonplace in almost every business, from global leading companies to brand new start-ups across every industry sector. It provides a safer, more efficient method for storing, managing and protecting data in a central location than merely [...]