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Parental Monitoring Apps- Beating Bullying Like a Pro


Hate crime, abusive language and bullying are becoming so common in our society and it started to get on my nerves. Whenever I thought of these harsh realities I became so worried because my kids were so innocent to tackle [...]

5 Powerful Ways of Online Branding in 2015


It is imperative for any company to properly build and promote their brand, and this is especially true when it comes to online presence. The Internet is such an integral part of almost everybody’s day-to-day life that portraying your brand [...]

Booters and Stressers: What you need to know about DDoS for hire?


Think back to when you were a kid. No matter how well-adjusted and even-tempered you were (or weren’t) there was at least one other kid you just could not stand. You hated his face, his hair, his teeth, the way [...]

How to Start a Blog for Free With uCoz?


One of the most common objections to blogging is ‘I’m not technical enough to run a website’. Well, this excuse is no longer valid. If you know how to use a computer mouse, you’re more than capable of starting and [...]

A Brief and Startling History of Bitcoin


Much like many modern-day financial innovations, Bitcoin emerged from the gloom and confusion of the 2008, subprime mortgage collapse in the U.S. Like the quick house sale market and the now heavily regulated pay day loan industry, Bitcoin has survived [...]

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Learn To Drive?


In the modern digital age we’ve come to see innovation and change as a constant part of our life. There’s always a new app or device around the corner aimed at improving our lives. Whether it is banking, shopping or [...]