Why the HTC One M8 is the Perfect Phone?

It was found in early 2014 that almost three in four Hispanics (the actual figure was 72%) owned a mobile device. Fast forward almost five months to now and not only will you likely see similar results, but you will also likely see that stats such as 60% of Hispanics use their mobiles for web [Read More...]


Nordstrom – Easiest Way to Save Money

Who doesn't love a nice new addition to wardrobe. Be it a new pair of shoes or and shiny new necklace. The wants may never die and the new upcoming products too. There's a lust in shopaholics to buy the most luxurious brands they can afford. It satisfies the inner thirst for owning the best [Read More...]


Of Bands And Bargains – Find Great Coupon Promo Codes For Your Music

Who doesn’t love music? There are few things that bring human beings together quite like a beautiful melody. In this crazy world in which we live in, there are so many differences that keep us apart. We all have different backgrounds, different jobs, different social, political, ethnic, cultural, and national backgrounds. Politics have never been [Read More...]


Call your Friends and Family for Free with Rebtel Android App

Do you have your friends and family all over the world, but you resist calling them because of the sky touching international call rates? Has your loved one moved overseas and taking over phone is costing you half your pocket money? Have your clients in different countries?  or you are on your vacations abroad but [Read More...]


Create Stunning Promo Videos for Your Business with MakeWebVideo

It is often difficult to promote a brand with just its name. You need to tell your potential customers, about the services you can provide them. A speech about your services can be very interesting for your employees, but it won't attract any customers. You need to create an interesting video which not only attract [Read More...]


MINIX NEO X8-H – Graphic Pixels That Take You on a Gallop!

MINIX NEO X8-H a media hub that helps shop for and buy movies and shows from available catalogue in addition to countless other features. Not only that, it is designed very sophisticatedly and it looks chic and elegant. It works on the Android 4.4 operating system and has a huge memory capacity with a built [Read More...]


An Android App that Must be on your Wife’s Phone – Ask Me

Is your wife or girlfriend,( or both ;) ) spending a lot of money on buying products and services? It is nearly impossible to convince a woman to stop shopping, but a smart boyfriend or a smart husband must know a trick to save his wallet from getting attacked frequently. With this post, I am [Read More...]


Hacker Target #1: Android OS

According to a 40-page Threat Report published by security firm F-Secure in 2013, Android accounted for 97 percent of new threats in 2013 (a jump from 79 percent in 2012). The majority of the threats fell under the Malware category, with Trojans making up most of them. With Android holding 79.3 percent of the market [Read More...]


Most Common Types of DDoS Attacks that Hackers Use

The Distributed Denial of Service attack (or DDoS) is universally feared in the digital side of business because of how quickly it can turn revenues upside down. This might not have been too big a deal several years back, but with so many businesses relying on the Internet to make sure that they get the [Read More...]


4 Important Social Media Strategies to Consider When Promoting Your Blog

Social media marketing plays an important role when it comes to promoting your blog, enabling you to communicate directly with your audience while engaging new readers - the ultimate goal of every blogger. The problem is, everyone's doing it, and it can seem impossible for your voice to be heard over the din of the crowd [Read More...]