How to Promote Your Business Video in YouTube?

YouTube emerged as a great sharing and hosting platform, besides being one of the powerful social networking platforms. Majority of the corporate video producers employ it as a source of hosting, but often fail to make the best of the other benefits it can offer. Most of the video producers don’t comprehend the fact how [Read More...]


The Top 6 Apps for Soccer Fans

There are perhaps hundreds of European football apps out there, here are a few of our top picks. They'll let you keep up with matches, play some matches of your own, or even pretend to run your own football club. [Image Credit - ShutterStock] The Football Manager series is famous for being extremely realistic. How [Read More...]


Are Banner Ads Still An Effective Form of Advertising?

You don't have to look far to see some negative stats on banner ads. Some oft-cited studies have found that all important click through rates (CTRs), or the number of people who actually bother to engage with a banner ad, averages out to be only around .1% of those who see it. Yikes. That number's [Read More...]


All In One Web Based Document Converter – Docs.Zone

In online business filed the document conversion process is always required. Specially if you are in the freelancing industry where you need to deal with several types of documents. Weather it is a client who need a file in pdf format or your own documents that are in pdf but needed to be converted into [Read More...]

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3 Best Hybrid Laptops That Are a Worthy Investment

The laptop technology is scaling new heights every day. With different brands trying to check-mate each other in terms of offering the best laptops that are loaded with cutting-edge features and most advanced hardware specifications. The constant battle between the brands to gain supremacy in the market leads to new innovations and one of the [Read More...]


3 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Old Mobile Phones

As we know technology is changing and updating at a very rapid speed. Gone are the days when we had black and white TVs, mobile phones and alien types telephone sets. We have now iPhone, Samsung, Qmobile and several other companies with stylish and dozens of amazing features. Only God knows what will be in [Read More...]


4 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Starting A New Business

In this article lets discuss about the things that you need to do to ensure your success in the big wide world of business. You’re already going about things the right way by getting out there and researching some information, so if you continue on this path you’re bound to find success. Know the rules [Read More...]


2 Effective Marketing Approaches that must be Utilized to get more Customers

Your business cards are printed, you’ve worked out the perfect height for your swivel chair, and settled on the perfect email sign off (professional, yet approachable). Congratulations! You’ve got a business, but how do you get customers? Hopefully during the creation of your business plan you identified your target market, so we already know who [Read More...]


How to Deal with the Online Negative Reviews? – 4 Ways to Convert it Into Positive

For all businesses, maintaining a good reputation is vital to the success of the business. Nowadays, potential customers will research a business online before they decide whether they want to buy from the business or not. People will research reviews and feedback about a business by Googling it, checking reviews on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Trip [Read More...]


EaseUs Todo Backup Advanced Server 8.0 comes with a host of backup features probably more than you will ever use

We all know the huge responsibility that lies on having an uninterruptible business that keeps on running 24x7, 365days in a year regardless of the challenge that lies ahead. Don’t you wish for an exchange backup or nas backup for taking care of your Microsoft Windows, Exchange Server and SQL Server all in one? Well [Read More...]