6 Anti-Patterns Designers Should Avoid

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a site with an incredibly frustrating UI feature. I’m sure the designers are well-intentioned and had no plans to make me jump up and down and curse, but that’s the effect their work has. Sometimes the design choices are just plain wrong-headed and sometimes they’re the result [Read More...]

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The Right Way To Set Up Your Home Office in 7 Steps

Working from home can have numerous benefits. You can enjoy a ten-second commute, you can save money on lunches and coffees,and of course, on travel. When you take a break, you can relax in the comfort of your own living room. You may even be able to work to your own schedule and be your [Read More...]


5 Products That Are Bought the Most On Internet

I am not a shopaholic by any stretch of the examination. Nor am I a marketing professional who has dedicated several days to studying shopping trends. However, I read a lot, watch a lot, interact a lot, and hence find it a worthwhile activity to share with readers my opinions on the products most commonly [Read More...]


17 Professional Themes for Freelancers and Creative Agencies

Starting your career as a freelancer is easy but making it a profession requires you to stand out from the crowd. There are number of ways to stand out from the crowd but one of the first and essential is to showcase yourself via a website. However not just a website but a website with [Read More...]


Google Search Result Seems Copy of DuckDuckGo

As you may have notice google has redesigned the search result page with some changes. However it seems copy of DuckDuckGo.com which is a search engine. Have a look here to see how both looks the same. The new search result page now display results with underline and increased font size. The adwords ads are [Read More...]

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Ubuntu Smartphones to be sold for $200 – $400

Ubuntu the most popular and free operating system used by almost 20 million PC users is now soon to be seen in smartphones. The first Ubuntu Touch 1.0 was released in January 2013 and the Touch Developer View was released in February 2013. The full version is now going to be released by 17th Febuary [Read More...]

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Get your Deleted and Formated Data back with EaseUS Data Recovery

When you loose your data because of accidental formatting or deleting, you will need a data recovery software to recover it. In this crowded information world it is quite difficult to find the best and useful data recovery software. Although there are couple of outstanding softwares but they are not FREE and you will need [Read More...]

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The Mobility of the Point Of Sale Solution

Back in the old days, a point of sale solution was a cash register and the product barcode. These inventions did make it possible for quicker and more accurate processing of item sales, but they didn't provide a way to go mobile. It wouldn't be until the 1990s that mobility would be introduced in the [Read More...]


[Giveaway] Get Free Theme of your Choice from ThemeFuse

This is the third 3rd Giveaway I am hosting for the ThemeFuse.com themes on TechMaish.com. If you have missed the previous one then this is certainly another chance for you to grab a professional, clean, stylish and premium theme for Free. I personally like the Themes of ThemeFuse.com because they looks stunning and one of [Read More...]


Unforgettable Data Recovery Management Tips – Keep your Data Safe

Does the idea of losing all your data scare you? Well, you are not the only one in Dallas who sees the scary stars at such thoughts; that’s courtesy the momentous position held by data, be it someone’s personal collection of music, or all important business data. However, hard drives continue to crash and throw [Read More...]