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How 2 Step Authentication Can Help Secure Your Customers Data?


As a business, you sometimes need to hold and manage the customer data, which is a great thing, since it better connects you with the client base and in some situations leads to conversions as well. However, this brings in [...]

Do I Need Unified Communications?


The business world is changing, with more businesses becoming reliant on the use of technology in their day to day business operations. And with technology advancing all the time, it is making communicating within an organization, as well as external [...]

Tech Tips for New Business Owners


It would seem congrats are in order. Years ago, you had the idea and believed that, one day, it might become a reality. You nurtured the idea from its infancy, fed it your time, your money, and your sleepless nights [...]

How an Active Blog Can Contribute to a Better Organic Presence?


For any business that owns a website, they want website traffic. And this traffic must be qualified enough to turn into sales leads and ultimately become sales conversions. The website is a lead generation tool that could produce business leads [...]

Create Stunning eCommerce Stores with WixStores Builder


If you want to start an online business nowadays, one of the best methods that you can use in order to do that is to create an e-commerce website. However, creating such an eCommerce website can be a costly investment, [...]

Volkswagen Offers Users More Data With An Apple Watch App


Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new car from dealers like TW White and Sons or upgrade your current model, you’re probably searching for something speedy, stylish – and with all the latest gadgets. Car tech has improved greatly [...]