Best Apps for Travelers in Spain

Updated October 6, 2023

Visiting a foreign country doesn’t mean you have to take a crash course in the language and culture but you do need a way to communicate. Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to ask someone where to eat and butchering it so badly that you’re directed to the nearest toilet instead. If you’re planning a trip to Spain or the Canary Islands, there are great apps to download before you go. Here are the top five!


1. Oxford Translator

An absolutely essential app, Oxford Translator allows you to speak into your microphone and then tap the translate icon to get real voice translation results. The app has pre-programmed translations of some of the most common phrases in categories such as drinks, food, transport and hotel/lodging. This is a great application whether you know a bit of conversational Spanish or none at all.

2. Spain Travel Guide

If you’ll be staying in more than one city or plan to travel the country taking in the sites, you need this app. For just 99 cents you’ll get a listing of all of the best tourist destinations in Spain and a brief history of the locations. Download it before your trip and use it to help you plan your itinerary.

3. Subway Apps

If you plan on utilizing public transport while in the major cities of Spain download one or more of these apps. The Madrid Subway app, Valencia Metro app, Barcelona Metro AR and the Barcelona Metro Map app will help keep you pointed in the right direction. It’s very easy to get confused and jump on the wrong subway when you’re in a hurry. Planning your route using one of these applications before you leave the hotel room will ensure you get on the right train heading in the right direction!

4. Spanish Anywhere

If you’re visiting the Canary Islands this season or any other, you’ll want to know how to read the Spanish language. From restaurant menus, road signs and local newspapers, you’ll be surprised at how much we actually read on a daily basis. This app will help you read the Spanish language quickly. The situations feature is especially useful if you need to find a word or phrase in a hurry.

5. Kid’s Spanish

Traveling with the kids can be a fun experience! Make sure that they’re just as prepared as you. This entertaining application teaches children basic Spanish vocabulary that includes colors, animals and much more. Who knows? You may even learn a thing or two from this application!

While you don’t have to be fluent in the Spanish language to travel to a Spanish speaking country, knowing how to communicate your needs, especially in the event of an emergency is important. Download one or more of these apps and prepare yourself and your family for your upcoming vacation. Tener un buen viaje!

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