5 Great Ipad Apps to Make Your Travel More Interesting

Updated October 6, 2023

If you love traveling and you have an iPad with you then you can definitely use different applications that are specially designed for iPad. These applications will make your travel a lot better. By using these applications you can do a lot of things. We will be describing the 5 great apps that can be used in iPad while traveling. What do you need more when your iPad can become a perfect travel partner for you?


If you are such person who has a tight schedule and you don’t want to miss anything then this application is for you. There are so many things that you can do with the help of this application. For example, if you want to know about the flight schedule then this application can help you to know about it. You can also find ticketing information with the help of this application. Need to make a hotel reservation? Well, this application has got these features for you as well. You can update your calendar online as well. This calendar can be shared with all your contact so that they can see your schedule and if they want to meet you then they can call you at the right time.

Footprint Travel Guides

If you are a kind of person who is planning to have a simple tour but not a business meeting then footprint travel guides app is just for you. this application works like a tour guide. If you want to know about the best place to eat in any locality then it can help you. if you want to find some good place to spend a quality time the you can find it with the help of this application. You can also find hotels and make reservations as well. In short, I can say that this application is a must have for anyone who is planning to go on a tour anywhere in the world.

Packing (+TO DO)

If you have finally planned to travel then the biggest problem that you will have to face is packing. It is never easy to decide what those things are that you have to get packed before leaving for the journey. By using this application, you can easily make a list of all those items that are needed to be packed for your travel. You can make a checklist and with the help of his checklist, you can easily manage all the items in your bag.

Lonely Planet Phrasebook

If you are visiting such place where some other language is spoken then you need to not to worry. With the help of Lonely Plant Phrasebook app for iPad and iPhone, you can easily translate phrases and words in to 31 different languages. This application is a must have when you are visiting a country with some other native language.

What’s the Rate?

If you are out of your country traveling, then you will need to convert currency as well. You always want to know that how much a product will cost you in your own currency and this application has got all these features for you.

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