13 Best Offline Translators Apps for Android and iPhone

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you struggling to find the best translator app for your android or iPhone? Here is the list of 13 best and working translation apps you can download and install on your Android Phone or iPhone. The list contains some of the best translator apps you can use without the need of having active internet connection. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country and require a translation service OR you are just using it for your business purpose. The list here contain several translation apps that can be helpful.

Most of the translator apps even offer voice recognition and camera feature so that you can use translator app without even the need of typing into it. Just record the voice or take a snap from a page or any other source and let the app do the wonder for you.

List of 13 Best Translator Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Google Translator – The Best and Top of the List App

The best in the list is Google Translate. It has almost all the languages available and offline feature is just wonderful. It works flawless and offers text translation, picture translation, voice recognition, handwriting and even in offline mode.

Google Translate App for Android

Currently only 59 languages are supported in offline mode and the numbers are growing. You also have to option to download each language so that the app size and features are restricted to the selected language only. However, on the online version you can have access to 100+ languages. On the play store & apple store the rating of the app is 4.5 and most of the users are satisfied with.


Download from Playstore for Android | and for iOS from Apple Store.

2. Baidu Translate – Best Offline Object & Text Translation Service

You must have heard the name of Baidu Search Engine. But do you know that they offer Translator as well. The app can be used in offline mode and they offer the best translation service from Chines to English and vice versa. This does not support translation to other languages but only for these two languages. The best thing about this app is that it is the most accurate translator for Chines to English and vice versa.

Baidu Translate for iOS

It is available in offline mode and you can use it to scan objects and pictures for translations. Voice recording and translation is also supported. The only limitation with this is app is that it is only available for iOS. Officialy it is not available on the Playstore but unofficially its APK file is available for download on third party websites.

By the way, Baidu Translator was one of the first to offer Neural Network Machine Translation in 2015. They are the pioneer in this industry and this you can fully relay on its translation service.

Download for iOS

3. Microsoft Translator – Multi Person & Advance Translation App

This is another offline translator that not only provides basic translation service in over 70 different languages but also support multi person conversation translation. Another great thing about this app is that it can store different words in the phrasebook based on your visited place so that you can learn them in different languages.

Microsoft Translator

The app also offers alternate words for a accurate meaning so that you can use it where required. The Hear out Loud feature helps you to hear the sentences so that you can even learn it. It is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Download from PlayStore | Downlaod for iOS

4. Waygo Translator App for Android and iOS

The word Waygo means foreign in Chines language. However, the app offers translation features for Asian languages mainly Chines, Japaneses and Korean to English or vice versa. The developers are working to add more Asian languages as well. Currently it only offers these three languages but it is very light app and even older phones can also support it.

Waygo - Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Translato‪r‬

This app is perfect for restaurants because most of the words related to restaurants industry are already incorporated. It is also award winner in the visual translation services. Among the travelers this is one of the best app. The instant translation feature makes it even more appealing to the users.

Download for iOS | Download for Android (Just recently it is removed from Playstore but it is available on 3rd party websites.)

5. TripLingo App – Best for Travelers

Yet another app that is best suited for travelers which can help in translating to over 60 plug languages. Apar from translation it also offers Wi-Fi dialer, tip calculator, currency calculator and much more. It can phrase 2000 words in over 13 different languages and instant translation in over 20 languages.

TripLing‪o Translation App

Triplingo has also received award from GBTA as seen CNN, FOX, Forbes, LifeHack and more. The basic plan allows some basic features but if you need full access then you will have to get the premium subscription. However, the money is worth it and they also offer 200 years 100% moneyback guarantee (this is insane).

Download For Andorid | iPhone

6. iTranslate – Traductor and dictionary app

With more than 100 Million downloads, it has proved to be one of the best translator app both for iPhone and Android. It supports more than 1oo languages with dictionary and treasury for all the languages. The free plans allow the basic features but in the paid you can have the offline mode, capture via camera, voice to voice conversation and much more.

iTranslate Translator

This app also won best award for design in the Apple Design Award for 2018 based on its outstanding user interface. One of the unique feature of this app is realtime conversation translation of Arabic. It is one of the best suited app for people living or traveling to UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Download for Android | iPhone

7. Apple Translator – Best for iPhone

Apple has recently developed this app and offers translation for 11 languages in offline mode. English, Italian, Arabic, Chines, French, Spanish, Koren, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and German are the supported languages. This app allows you to get results in realtime and also supports conversation mode.

Apple Translator App

This app is already installed on your iPhone and it was released in iOS 14. Beebom has compared both Apple and Google translator which help you understand the features and limitations of both the apps.

8. Naver Papago – Artificial Intelligence at its best

This app allows limited but every useful features that can used to easily translate your native language to 13 different languages. It has used AI in the best way to offer you instant translation service in offline environment. If you are traveling or studying in a foreign country or going on a tour, this app should be one of the installed app in your list.

Best Translator App Naver Papago

You can use the camera to capture and translate from any picture or object in realtime. Voice translation and simultaneously speak in another language when talking to a foreigner are another features this app is good at. Another handy feature of this app is that you can translate a Website URL to 13 different languages.

Download for iPhone | Android

9. SayHi Translate App – Instantly speak another language

As per users review this app provides the most accurate results when it comes to translation. A very close contender to the Google Translator which has more than 90+ languages. You can record your voice and then translate to any language you want. You can even choose the male or female voice with your desired speed. However, some of the features do require network connectivity.

SayHi Translate App

Although it is not a complete offline translator but still with so many features and languages support, I have added it here so that you can give it a try.

Download for Android | iPhone

10. ABBYY Text Grabber – Offline Scanner for Photo and Text

If you are looking for a scanner to know about symbols, marks or any other text in a foreign language, then this app is the must have in your list. It has builtin OCR feature that can scan objects and texts from a phone can help you translate in any language you want. Currently it supports 60 languages and the list is growing.

ABBYY Text Grabber

The app is free but ads are shown when you are online. However, it can perfectly scan a tilted image, blurry or strange alphabets. This app also won the award for “Mobile Productivity App” in the SUPERSTAR Awards.

Download for Android | iPhone

11. Yandex Translate – Offline Dictionary and Translator

Another popular offline translator is Yandex which offers more than 90 languages. You can use Speak a Language feature to translate to any other language of your choice. The builtin dictionary allows you to learn different words and languages. You can also take pictures and let the app scan and translate for you.

Yandex Offline Translator App

The iOS version offers more than 95 languages and very simple interface. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and Android wearable. Yandex is Russian Dutch-domicile multinational corporation which offers internet related services and one of them is Machine Learning  services like this Translation Service.

Download for iPhone | Android

12. Oxford U-Dictionary – Offline Translator & Directory

Used by more than 100 Million users in more than 150 countries is Oxford U-Directory which not only provides Dictionary feature but Translation as well. Dictionary is available in 12 languages and offline translator is available in 56 languages. However when connected to Internet it can provide translation in 108 languages.

Oxford U Dictionary Translator App

U-Dictionary offers Magic Translation, Text Translation, Camera Translation, Grammar Check, Word Lock Screen, Quick Translate, Native Examples, Word Games, Funny Videos and Offline Mode. The user ratings for this app on Play Store is 4.5 and 4.6 on Apple Store.

Download App Store | Play Store

13. Offline Translator Speak and Translate PRO

This one is not Free but one of the best pro translator app available on the Play Store. If you are planning to go abroad for business or just for traveling, then this app will prove to be helpful one. Online Voice Recognition feature will help you translate surrounding voices into your required language. It supports more than 100 foreign languages.

Offline Translator Speak and Translate PRO

The app also have the ability to backup your favorite phrases and use Google and Microsoft translation services as well. You can also play previously translated phrases in offline mode. The Free mode comes with certain restrictions but the Pro has no restrictions.

Download from Playstore | Apple itunes

I hope this comprehensive list will help you choose the one which is best suited for you. All these offline translator apps are best in every way possible but the one you are looking for will depend on your requirements.

If you know about any other best offline translation app for Android or iPhone, feel free to send the link to share with our readers.

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