7 iPhone Translation Apps that can Talk for You

Updated October 6, 2023

The iPhone has come a long way from being just an innovative invention to a device that is widely used in daily activities today. It has ruled the mobile world for some time now and has only the android family competing against it.

As one would imagine, what in the world can a modern smartphone not accomplish for its master? And to add to the wonder, here is yet another task the iPhone apps can accomplish for you. It can translate languages for you when you are on your trip to different parts of the world.

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Here is a list of the top language translating iPhone apps.

1# Google Translate


The app assists you in translating different languages and can give voice translations for 24 languages and text translations for 63 languages. For those who have used the online Google Translation version, you must have a fair idea of how it translates complex sentences. Otherwise for simple sentences the tool is just perfect. The app also allows you to save translations offline and what is even better is the fact that it comes free of cost.

2# Word Lens

Word Lense

QuestVisual’s Word Lens is such a spectacular app that even its launch video has gone viral on Youtube. Though some critics called it a fake app, the reality turned out to be the other way round. However, this app has its own drawbacks. It is effective when it comes to simple translations like small sentences, words and phrases. The biggest drawback however has been its pricing. The application charges $10 for one language and to add to that misery, it works in a single direction. For example, translating from English to Spanish costs you $10, but you will have to spend $20 for translating the other way round (Spanish to English).

3# Vocre


The functioning of this app is truly innovative. It works like a trick. Speak into your phone in the input language and turn it to its axis, the app will translate in your desired output language. Again, the pricing factor is its drawback. You will have to pay for every translation though they can be purchased in bulk for the future. Ofcourse, there is a free trial translation time but critics have claimed that the 20 free trial translations are quickly used up for testing alone.

4# Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

This is an app that is designed with the voice quality in mind rather than variety. The app contains about 600 phrases in 31 languages and converts them accurately. On choosing the required word or phrase from the menu, the app will give you the translated phonetic, text, sound clip or pronunciation. The app can be considered more as an educational source rather than just an ordinary translator. Though the application is not extremely cheap, it is worth its $5.99 pricing.

5# myLanguage


This app is an old product that has been in existence for years now. The latest version is a polished product with many added features. You can choose between dialects within the offered 59 languages. Phrases available here are approved by users through a system of star rating. The highlight of this product is its voice quality. Users can test the free versions and the pro version is very affordable too at just $5.99.

6# Plango


Though this app is considered to be free, you might have to pay for the content through its multimedia learning platform. The app contains 39 interactive texts that sells for around $7 for each and can educate spoken and written comprehension in a multimedia magazine format. This is truly useful and can be a source of innovative learning.

7# Dog Translator

Dog Translator

In relation to its name, the app claims that it can convert any bark into English. Surely, this is a fun statement. What it means is that it can even detect average English and translate them back to other languages. If this app lives up to what it claims, then it could be one of the best for people with soar or gruff voices.

These applications may not look awesome when you sit at home and study them. Only a person that loses his way in a foreign country and among people who speak foreign languages, would have realized how useful these mobile apps were. While each of them have their unique benefits, they are all useful for people that travel far and wide on a regular basis.


  • Don’t forget about SayHi Translate, amazing little translation app, straight out of Star Trek.

  • Google Translate is not doubt the best and most accurate one.

  • Maria Lynette

    I love to learn many languages hope myLanguage app would help me on that. And Google translate app is interesting to work on it. I have worked tried it.

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