3 Android Antivirus Applications For Free

Updated October 6, 2023

A antivirus is now very important and essential application for mobile phones, computers and laptop. Technology is growing in fast speed, but negative and harmful activities are also growing in the same speed. First a virus is developed and then a antivirus is developed, just to do business on internet. Virus is a human created harmful file, and if you care about your important data, then you will have to install a human created Antivirus application to protect your data. Although there are hundreds of Antivirus applications available, but the following 3 are the best Adroid Antivirus applications that you can use for free.

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1. AntiVirus Free

antivirus free
Free Antivirus for Android

As the name says, it is a free antivirus application for Android. It continuously scan and clean your android device and detect viruses and then delete it. Apart from that it blocks spam SMS to protect your device in more details. As you all know SMS can be use to hack phone books and transfer a virus, thus AntiVirus Free detect such type of SMS and block it.

[Download Here]

2. Super Security

super anti virus android
Super AntiVirus

Another antivirus for android devices is Super Security. It provides cloud based antivirus engine to protect and help in hiding your important data. The first antivirus that plays game with viruses and allow you to delete viruses with fun. A must try antivirus, and provides a lot of features that a antivirus must have.

[Download Here]

3. Lookout Mobile Antivirus

lookout mobile antivirus
Lookout Mobile Antivirus

This is my favorite one, although the name is little bit confusing to me. I think the name should be Lookout Mobile Virus. Anyway this a multi feature antivirus application for android devices. It protects data from virus and hackers with advance features. It has online mobile storage feature that helps you to store your data online. Another feature is that it can locate missing phone features in case your mobile is missing or stolen. Backup feature is also available which allows you to backup your data in phone or to any external device.

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