Top 10 Apple Arcade Games to Download in 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Apple provides a gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade. It gives users access to a wide variety of games which can be played on different apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV models. The program provides a hand-picked collection of top-notch, premium games that are free of adverts and in-app purchases.

Amazing games can be found in Apple Arcade, and the selection keeps expanding. Arcade has what you’re searching for whether you want to get involved in some intense simulation games or complex story-based plays or games.

Even though Apple Arcade has fewer games compared to Google Play Pass, it is ideal as you won’t have to waste time sorting through useless content to discover the ideal game. Even when everything appears to be perfect, this could make it more difficult to find the perfect game that you want to enjoy. 

If you’ve been torn between which game is best to download next. We’re prepared to assist you in this search. When you have some downtime, Apple Arcade is brimming with fantastic games to keep your mind occupied. To keep the user’s hands and mind engaged, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Apple Arcade games, which we guarantee you would love.

List of Best Apple Arcade Games

S.No.Arcade GameS.No.Arcade Game
1Mini Motorways6Pocket Build+
2Asphalt 8: Airborne+7What The Golf?
3Cat Quest II8The Oregon Trail
4Alto’s Adventure — Remastered9Exit the Gungeon
5LEGO Builder’s Journey10Human: Fall Flat+

From solving puzzles or games with lots of adventure to strategy or action games, the Apple Arcade game selection spans a variety of genres. One can enjoy a lot in their leisure time and have fun.

These are some of the options for you to avail yourself. If you’re on a search for good apple arcade games, check out the list below and try out these options.

1. Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways Apple Arcade Games to Download

Mini Motorways is the sequel of Dinosaur Polo Club’s, frantically captivating puzzle game called Mini Metro. Your goal in Mini Motorways is to build bridges, roads, tunnels, or motorways that connects a town that is always growing.

The game begins simple, but as traffic builds up, orders are unfulfilled, and pandemonium breaks out, you’ll start to lose control.

Mini Motorways is a game that everyone should try even though failure is certain. Try it out and see for yourself how much fun creating roads could be.

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne+

Asphalt 8 Airborne

The majority of the greatest racing video games favor realistic scenarios over action. Asphalt 8: Airborne is aware that there are instances when all users want is to engage in high-octane races without constricting physics engines.

 But that doesn’t make it any less challenging. A racing game with a narrow focus like Airborne will challenge your abilities. Try playing this game with your friends online or with 12 other people maximum. For the greatest experience, get a game controller (Many controllers in market are compatible with iOS devices).

You also have the option to get Asphalt 8 by using the Play Store, however it’s not exactly the same. This version is also as entertaining despite having less bells or whistles.

3. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest-II Apple Arcade Game

Open-world role-playing game Cat Quest II is all set to offer a cat and dog fantasy universe.  It is a direct successor to the first game and adds a ton of fresh gameplay features, such as co-op gameplay. As users play, there’s a change between a cat and a dog, you can even bring a friend along for even more adventure. It’s a lovely adventure that should please all RPG enthusiasts.

4. Alto’s Adventure — Remastered

Altos Adventure Remastered

Alto’s Adventure is known to be an iconic mobile game. For those who haven’t tried it, this remastered version is highly recommended.

 Individuals will have an experience of new levels to rush through, objectives to complete, as well as a unique character in addition to all the features from the old game.

There is no reason for not attemptting this since users can import all of their progress from the first Alto’s Adventure. Alto’s Adventure is a fun snowboarding game with physics that users can play if they’re new to the series.

 They may execute tricks or jump over ravines and collect cash while listening to beautiful music and while also enjoying breathtaking set pieces.

5. LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builders Journey

The LEGO franchise’s first creation is their unique game, LEGO Builder’s Journey. Instead of colorful adaptations of well-known properties or open-ended sandboxes, this game Builder’s Journey is a peaceful puzzle game.

 Users will have to think about how the game rules are applied throughout the journey, but don’t be hesitant to think otherwise or be creative.

Users will need to deviate from the rules in order to advance. You won’t advance by sticking rigidly to what you already know. Try it out if you would like to play a mind-bending LEGO game that is visually amazing.

6. Pocket Build+

Pocket Build

The game pocket Build is basically like a sandbox builder. There is no narrative, no purpose, and no difficulties. You can design however you want.

The enormous selection of structures is cleanly divided into types and environments, despite the fact that it may initially seem quite overwhelming.

The scope of your creativity is limitless. It’s perfect for individuals who like building cities but dislikes handling finances and resources. You may even take a first-person stroll through the town.

7. What The Golf?

What The Golf Apple Arcade banner

Each level in this game has a golf theme, but there are also connections to houses, pets, caterpillars, lamps and ridiculous humor.

Every level is unique, and there are plenty to keep the users busy for hours, making it the perfect game that users can play with their friends. If you feel that ordinary golf could be made, you cantry playing What The Golf?

8. The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

It is highly advised that you play The Oregon Trail Arcade game if you’ve gotten bored of the original game. Beyond the stunning visuals, this fun game will be completely reimagined. This version of the game has been updated for younger adults of this generation, giving gameplay improvements which all the players will enjoy, as opposed to completely redesigning the game.

9. Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon basically serves as a dungeon climber that continues the narrative of Entering the Gungeon, as opposed to the top-down perspective of the prequel.

 Players can anticipate the same amount of bullet-hell frenzy that was there in the first game even after the modifications happened in level design.

 However, players can become frustrated by the turmoil involved (the gun changing after every minutes). Nevertheless, it’s a great roguelite that we suggest giving it a shot.

10. Human: Fall Flat+

Human Fall Flat

Infuriating and gratifying, Human Fall Flat gives you both experiences. Players have to solve the puzzle thought it’s not particularly challenging, players will work on them together with three other players.

 When you stumble on the map so many times while controlling the character, you might want to just give up. It’s like trying to control your friend who is drunk. It’s a fun experience, so resist the urge to give up.


Well, this brings us to the end of the article, hope you find the collection interesting and hope you have better ideas now as to which arcade game you should download and enjoy in your leisure time.

These are a few options, and the Apple Arcade library keeps growing thanks to frequent additions of new titles. The program provides users of Apple devices with a wide variety of unblocked games that appeal to various gaming preferences and deliver a pleasurable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download and play Apple Arcade games?

Yes, you can definitely play Apple Arcade games even if you are offline, if you have these games downloaded on Mac.

Do games in the Apple Arcade have an expiration date?

Until you get the Apple Arcade subscription renewed, you won’t be able to download any more newly launched Apple Arcade games using the App Store. Additionally, the games that already have on your MAC, the ones that you downloaded before will also stop working and you won’t be able to redownload them using the App Store.

If the Apple Arcade is canceled, will I still have my games?

Even if someone downloaded the apple arcade games to the device, they won’t be able to play them if they have canceled their subscription. If they decide that they no longer desire the applications, delete them. One can sign up once more to play these Apple Arcade games and get back access to their game-playing history.

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