5 Great Apps to Use When You Move to a New City

Updated October 6, 2023

In today’s society, relocating to a new city, and relocating frequently, is quite common. As people change jobs, go back to school, or even decide they need a change of scenery, there has never been a greater need for technology in terms of easing the strain and stresses of the moving process. Simple phone applications that can be downloaded straight to an iPhone or Droid can help familiarize you with the new city and introduce you to the restaurants, bars, stores, and other important points of interest throughout the city. The following are only a few of the hundreds of applications that could really relieve some of the stresses associated with moving.

1.) Moving Van

Organization and cleanliness is essential when getting ready to move. Throwing random things into boxes and suitcases is probably not the best way pack up the house or apartment. Instead, this application is ideal for keeping track of all of your boxes and their contents. Moving Van lets you take pictures of every single box to be packed and list the details of each one. Once marked and detailed, there will not be any scramble to find your curling iron or your toaster when you get everything off the moving truck.

2.) Around Me

Familiarizing one’s self with the new environment is one of the first things that someone may wish to pursue when moving to a new city. This application lists points of interests, such as restaurants, gas stations, and cafes into separate, easy to access categories. This allows for an easy and quick way to locate establishments near your location. Each entry in the application also contains a small description detailing the point interest.

3.) Event Finder

Moving to a new location usually means that you are friendless, unfortunately. However, this application makes sure that you are not alone for too long. Event Finder contains a series of entries listing social events and other large gatherings. Each event contains a sortable series of details, including time, location, and the type of event. After you make some friends, you can even share the entries and invite your new friends to events of interest!

4.) The Club Shopping Mall Guide

You can kiss all the knowledge you gained of sales, discounts, and cheap stores goodbye when you move to a new city. However, The Club Shopping Mall Guide can give you a head start when scouting out the best stores and malls in terms of great deals and sales. This application lists local malls and stores, their hours of operation, and even announcements of upcoming sales and other discounts. This is an excellent application for those who love to buy frugally and save money.

5.) UpNext 3D Cities

One of the most amazing applications you can have on your mobile device is the UpNext 3D Cities application. This incredible application shows you a real-time, three-dimensional of the city you live in, including tappable buildings and venues that produce detailed information and reviews when selected. This is an all-in-one application; an extremely helpful application for those who are complete strangers to their new surroundings.

Even though technology can help ease the transition, it cannot do it all. It is important to get out, explore, and have fun while doing it! Use these applications as a guide and let your body do the rest. Moving to a new city is a fun, exciting experience and should be taken in by you and explored by you, not your phone. Have fun and good luck!

Author Bio:- Becky Harris writes for U-Pack, a moving company that is part of ABF.

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