10 Best Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android

Updated October 6, 2023

Learning another language can be a challenge and, yes, expensive!

Fortunately, the wonders of the digital age come to play. And your smartphone plays a crucial role in your goal to learning a new tongue. Gone are the days where you are in the confines of a classroom or stay stuck in front of the computer as well as spending hundreds of dollars.

So whip out your iPhone or your Android and check out these ten helpful language apps.

1:- English

The SpeakingPal English Tutor App uses speech-recognition technology to give instant feedback. There are 5-minute mini-lessons featured with this interactive app. Included in the lessons are interactive exercises, language activities, dialogs and role-playing scenarios. After using the mobile’s speech recognition capabilities, a student can receive their feedback on their speaking performance and utilize a review mode at a later date. Both App Store and Google Play Store have SpeakingPal English Tutor App for download.

Speakingpal Language Learning App

2:- French

MindSnacks puts the student right into a conversation scenario that they would hear in France. The lessons focus on an extensive French vocabulary centered on food, travel, work and other everyday situations. The student gets to listen to how French people speak to each other.  MindSnacks downloadable for iOS devices also provides games to help jog the memory of its learners. There are also drawings flashed up on-screen for students to recognize and score points. The app shows French and English words in word balloons, and the game is to try and pair the correct two words.

Minds app Language Learning App

3:- Korean

Pop-Popping Korean primarily addresses beginners and focuses on correct Korean pronunciation with graphics depicting as well as mouth and tongue positions to follow. The animations make up for the lack of depth of the app, but there are creative touches, such as the Word Monster, to help the stimulation.

Learn to say more than just hello in Korean when you download it in your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Popkorean Language Learning App

4:- Spanish

Duolingo Spanish comes in lesson units that increase with difficulty. There are alternative themes to learn based on medicine, work, education and similar scenarios. The lessons focus on tenses or other language areas such as nouns, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives and questions. The system sets up some of the more commonly use tenses although the grammar focus is not intensive.

Go to Google Play Store or App store and start learning!

Duolingos Language Learning App

5:- Mandarin Chinese

FluentU uses an enormous library of Chinese videos, commercials, news and public talks to present an engaging and entertaining way of learning Chinese Mandarin. With such a depth of material to explore, there is every level for each student to get to practice. A new version, 1.1.7 is now available for iPhone.

Fluentu Language Learning App

6:- Japanese

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese app brings you clear explanations from a logical learning standpoint. There are conjugation tables and basic grammar to try and a list of useful vocabulary for each of the lessons. The kanji characters are prominent throughout and clickable to give a reference point in Japanese. The app is downloadable in both Android and iPhone devices.

Japanese Language Learning App

7:- Italian

MosaLingua is a flashcard system for learning Italian. The app acts as a monitor and predicts future lessons based on your achievements. It contains commonly-used words and phrases. With over 3,000 flash cards in its archives, MosaLingua is an in-depth language app. There are ten levels in the whole learning process. Enjoy learning Italian with either your Android or iPhone.

Italian Language Learning App

8:-  Russian

iLearnRussian is available for Android and iOS and centers on 27 lessons based on easy listening of Russian speech and repetitive exercises of 220MB worth. There are 800 of the most widely used Russian words, and learning aims for a natural comprehension of new vocabulary. iLearnRussian has a proven track record.

Russia Language Learning App

9:- German

iStart German is a language app for beginners. Progress is, therefore, going to be slow at the start but the information offered is comprehensive. The bulk of the app content revolves around two native German speakers in conversation and is moderated in English. There are text and audio scenes supplemented with visual aids. There is an introduction of the German alphabet as does greetings. Each lesson contains a content summary, a list of vocabulary and a multiple-choice quiz for knowledge building. This app is available for iOS and for Android users.

German Language Learning App

10:- Google Translate

Although it is not a specific language learning app, Google Translate is adept at translating longer texts so students can get a general comprehension of the translation. Google Translate is very user-friendly and can be followed quite easily if learned in straightforward steps. Google Translate is free and easy to access and covers a very wide range of languages. Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi, as well as many Eastern European tongues, are featured. A student with Google Translate experience can become self-taught in the ways of how foreign languages are used by Google and, in turn, enrich his or her level of knowledge.

Available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

Google Language Learning App

They say that learning a new language would be extremely difficult if not learned in a classroom but using the latest sophisticated language apps has completely dispelled that myth. Perhaps another ‘myth’ worth debunking is the myth surrounding Android phones. Read them all here, you might be surprised!

Faisal Wahab is a writer and content marketer who is a computer science graduate and a tech geek. He is a part of the team at MobiWoz which is a tech blog providing latest mobile news and app reviews.

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    Wow really nice apps. Every one must try these amazing apps at their free time to learn new languages. I will try these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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