How my iPhone tracked down its Thief for me

Updated October 6, 2023

iPhone Tracking

Having lost your iPhone can be really disheartening, believe me I know. Losing it feels like having lost a kidney or two, depending upon the model you have lost. But, iPhone itself comes as a savior for its own good.

Apple’s iPhone is loaded with features that make it one of the unique smartphones today and also one of the coveted ones. As the saying goes ‘Everyone wants it’. As I was saying, losing the same coveted phone can create a disturbance in your mind.

Reporting the lost phone to the cops is one option but consider the burden on the police to track thousands of lost and stolen phones on a monthly basis. Also, there are a few restrictions on the cops regarding the extent of interference they can make in the data as iPhones have a high level of password protection of the customers in comparison to others.Here, you can make use of the unique and special features of iPhone that will help you track the lost and stolen phones.

In case of lost iPhone, chances are there that the phone is lying at the same place you dropped it or left it and you are fortunate enough that no one noticed it (happened once with me, imagine my happiness and surprise!).

But, in case of a stolen iPhone, the story will be completely different. You are not likely to find it at the same place it was stolen from you. You report to the cops and wait for any information about it. Or you can take the matter in your own hands. I did. (Second time my phone got stolen from a busy business street)

Using its feature of ‘Track My iPhone’ I actually found my stolen iPhone. Unbelievable, right? But, it is true. I activated the feature on my phone using another Apple IOS device and turned on the notification intimating the one who found the phone by any chance.

Also, I was able to lock the phone from afar using the same feature and also deleted the invaluable data that was on the iPhone and could be misused by others, like the photographs and videos, bank account details and such that we normally store on our smartphones for convenience.

However, what I did was I kept tracking the location of my iPhone and its movement using Apple’s IOS device and kept behind the thief throughout the way and also, without his knowledge. He went up and down the subways, right and left on the streets and I was right behind him with the help of the excellent tracking feature and accurate GPS mapping of the iPhone.

After a movie like chase I was able to nab the thief and get back my precious iPhone. But, what I would like to mention here are the great features of iPhone that will come handy to others if they lose the iPhone or it gets stolen from them.

  • Find My iPhone is completely free and comes inbuilt in all the IOS 5and up devices like the iPhone, iPad and other devices and have to be registered with the iCloud to activate it.
  • There is a remote wipe off feature in case the phone gets stolen and has a riskof falling into wrong hands.
  • There is a tighter password protection feature on all IOS devices.
  • Apart from the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, you could use third party apps to retrieve your lost or stolen iPhones. There are some wonderful apps and software that work equally good in helping you find your iPhone. Some of these are mentioned here, like
  1. mSpy iPhone tracking app
  2. Glympse GPS tracking app
  3. Spymaster Pro
  4. Trick or Tracker

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