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How to Download Videos from China Popular Youku Website

Youku is one of the most popular and biggest video sharing website in china. Huge collection of Chines videos are available at Youku.com. Today i want to share a simple trick though which you can download videos from youku. The trick is free, and you can download any video for free.

download files from youku

How to Download Files from Youku.com

1. Visit Youku.com and find the video and then open the video you want to download.

2. Copy the link of the video from the address bar of your browser.

3. Now visit Clipnabber.com and paste the link of the video at the front page of the Clipnbber.com

4. Click on Nab Video button

5:- After clicking on “Nab Video” button you will be provided a Direct Link of the video. Copy the Link and download the video using any download manger. For fast downloading use internet download manger to download the video in less time.

Note:- The file you will be downloading from Youku.com will be .FLV format. Use any converter to convert the file OR use FLV Player to watch the video.

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