How to Download Unlimited Files From RapidShare

Updated October 6, 2023

Rapid Share is the leading file hosting website available on internet. It is much more faster than any other file hosting websites. The features which rapidshare provides are also very useful and great. You can download any file with a very high speed, but for free user there are some problems. For example, speed is slow for them, there is limit on downloading and they can only download one file from rapidshare at a time. That is called parallel downloading. If you want to download more then 1 file at a time, then you have to upgrade your account. OR there is anther way to download more then 1 file at a time. The first one is to copy the below code in a HTML file and save it with the name of No.2 you can download the below software to download more then 1 file from rapidshare.

Update:- This method is outdated and not working anymore.

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First Method Fo Download Files From RapidShare

copy the below code in Notepad, and save it on desktop with this name

@echo off
echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew

Second Method to Download Unlimited Files

There is a software Cryptload, which will help you to download more then 1 files at a time. It will download the first file and then restart your internet connection to obtain a new IP address. The logic behind getting new IP address is that rapidshare stor IPs when you try to download the first file and when you want to download the second file. You will get a message that your reach your maximum downloading limit, please wait for 2 or 3 hours.

CryptLoad is use to restart internet connection to get a new IP address and then start downloading another file. Before downloading Crypload you must know how to use cryptload to downlaod more then 1 file.

Raymond has wrote a very detail post on this software. You can read the article from here.

Unlimited Download Hack for RapidShare- Cryptload

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  • you can also download unlimited files with download direct 1.04

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