Top 5 Tablets of Today

Updated October 6, 2023

Tablets are next generation Personal Computers replacing the conventional PCs with touch screen being used as the primary input device. Here are the top 5 tablets of today.

Apple iPad (16 GB)

The Apple iPad (16 GB) is a complete package combining Netbook, photo frame, gaming device, e-reader and the most demanded iPod. The gadget without any doubt could be called a super gadget with an elegant design and affordable price. The most exciting featured of iPad include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 10 hours long battery life, ability to rent movies and ability to download free or paid apps from App Store. The large size of iPad along with the absence of front and rear cameras are the negative points which are making us ready for the next iPad version. iPad could be considered as the first affordable tablet but still it’s not a replacement of your laptop.

Apple iPad 3G (16 GB)

Apple iPad has an optional 3G feature which includes not only the 3G capabilities but the GPS capabilities as well providing advanced navigational capabilities. The price of iPad 3G (16 GB) is approximately 100 to 130 US dollars more than the simple iPad (16 GB).

Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint) is real competitor of Apple iPad. The 7-inch screen size tablet not only has two cameras but has built-in Flash compatibility which was missing in Apple iPad. The tablet also has a very comfortable size. The negative point about the tablet is that it behaves more like an Android phone rather than a Netbook. The Galaxy Tab having has Android operating system but the Android apps are not well suited to run on its larger 7 inch screen. The tablet comes with monthly or annually contract which is not the case in Apple iPad.

Dell Streak 7

With a re-imaging of Android 2.2, Dell Streak 7 has a dual core processor with 4G network compatibility, front and rear cameras along with built-in Adobe Flash support. The interface of the tablet doesn’t patch up with the operating system. The display quality as well as the screen responsiveness of the Dell Streak 7 tablet is not up to the mark. The excitement brought by the 4G network compatibility could not cover up the negative issues in the operating system and might be beaten by the upcoming Android 3.0 tablets.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

The notebook has a big 7 inch touch screen with an e-book reader, Wi-Fi, on board memory of 8 GB, Barnes & Noble Nookbook store along with a slot for microSD card to extend the available memory. There is a built-in web-browser, PDF and Word readers, image display as well as some video formats support and could play audio and MP3 formats. However, the battery life of 8 hours is less when compared with the battery life offered by e-ink readers. You can’t access the Android Marketplace, no built-in Flash support and the battery could not be replaced by the user. The Barnes & Noble Nook Color tablet is a color touch screen e-book reader available at half a price of an iPad.

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  • Am already tired of using apple IOS and to me its time to switch too Android. I will go for galaxy soon

  • Rakesh Kumar

    As soon as i got any buyer for my Samsung touch mobile after then i will purchase Apple iPad 3G (16 GB). Its features and specs really awesome.

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