MacBook Pro OR Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook?

Updated October 6, 2023

Technology has taken the world by storm and tech geeks find it irresistible to buy and experience the latest features of these gadgets either it’s a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. A very tough competition has been observed in the technology industry between the MacBook Pro and Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook. Both these remarkable the toys are manufactured under famous labels i.e. MacBook Pro comes under the umbrella of Apple and XPS convertible Ultrabook is from Dell and both these brands are not in need of any introduction.

MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 12

No doubt, Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook has grasped the maximum attention of the tech fanatics because it serves as a laptop and a high-end tablet as well and everyone’s dream to have these the toys in their hands. Lets have a critical analysis of both these striking gadgets to make the picture clearer that enable people to invest accordingly.

The Dell XPS screen spins within the bezel on a hinge and can be used as  a tablet and as a notebook simultaneously. Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is a breed of the windows 8 design and is based on an entirely new full version operating system of the Microsoft.. It works awesome and no glitches are observed in its hardware functionality and design and can be easily transferred from a conventional notebook to a sleek, stylish and highly functional tablet. No doubt, some teething problems are noted in this unit with its operating system especially with the networking wireless services which is really annoying for the users.

On the other hand, MacBook Pro runs on Apple’s OS X and works remarkably because the software and hardware are simply made for each other. The best thing about this operating system is it makes the functioning easier and gives a natural feel to use. OS X boosts he battery life of the MacBook by working with its integral sensors. The battery life of the XPS 12 is average and has no external SD card slot.

In design and graphics both gadgets leave no stones unturned and are best in its own way. The XPS 12 ultrabook has a 12.5 inch screen while the screen on the MacBook is 13 inches. Both offer high resolution, bright pictures with touchscreen features. Research has shown that both gadgets are enjoying a tough competition in the market and are warmly welcomed and appreciated by the tech lovers. Both have its own pros and cons but, one startling feature that makes the XPS 12 stood apart from the MacBook is the mastermind and the versatile dual design of Dell that enables the user to flip the screen around with great ease. Price of Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is £1,299 /AU$1, 499/US$1, 199 and is not more than the MacBook Pro that is £1,499/AU$1, 899/US$1, 699.

Author Bio:- This article was wtitten by Imtiaz Ali, he mostly contribute tech related articles to his blog, you can send him email on: [email protected]


  • Taswir Haider

    Both are just awesome…..But I would personally prefer Macbook pro…. bcause MacBook Pro comes under the umbrella of Apple… And as we known Apple is the another name of quality….

  • Prasad N

    I’d go with Dell. The decision is based on both hardware and the OS.

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