Top 5 Free Windows Phone Mango Games

Updated October 6, 2023

The whole idea of playing on the phone while waiting for something or as simple leisure activity has got to another level since the introduction of smartphones. This means that both adults and kids take great joy in having fun with all the myriad of app games that developers put on various marketplaces. But some simply do not like the idea of spending money on something they consider to be leisure and prefer to get the free games for their phones. With the help of Windows Phone Mango, users can have access now to top quality game apps without even paying a dime. The platform is continually growing and developers seem to be in a race to provide the best games on the market. In this way the growing numbers of Windows Phone users have more to get at no cost at all.

Most free games do not have a lot of quality graphics and are usually kept on the phone to kill time ones and a while. But as the industry develops, many producers have abandoned this idea and offer good graphics in order to make themselves a name. Later on it would be easier to offer other payable money once the users are hooked with the quality inside. For the users who are not certain over the top free games to download, the following top 5 is a guide of the coolest games, loved by most people. The list of cool games is larger and this is why the ones looking for installing them will find other related games as challenging as the ones presented. The top is merely based on the quality that these mobile apps have rather than other features.

1. Wordament

The magic of words could not get even more excited with this game. It is an Xbox powered game which gives the opportunity to interact live with friends. It gives a real nice competitive allure to the whole thing because many people believe that word games are only for single players. One game session lasts for two minutes and it is quick and catchy. The whole idea is to find words in a grid as fast as possible. This will challenge the fast thinking of the person and does not require extremely complicated strategy. The words need to be of three letters of length minimum. The game can be played by spelling out the words from the letters which are on the board. The richness of words is great as one board can have even 100 words in it. The things get difficult as all letters must be adjacent like in direct contact. The longer the words, the higher the number of points will be.

2. Scrambled

Known as one of the best word game for Windows Phone Mango, Scrambled looks a lot like the famous Scrabble. It needs to be played full screen as there are 98 tiles appearing on the screen. The words can be spelled by simply tapping on the lettered tiles. After a word is found correctly it needs to be submitted in order to get the points needed. This looks to be an easy and fun way to test vocabulary and to enjoy some moments of quietness. It is important to look to form long words because in this way the point will be more.

3. Hangman

From the wording games, another delicious and old school one is the Hangman. The graphics resemble a lot a blackboard in a school where children love to play the game during recess. The game is really challenging as it offers a lot of categories to choose from. The most popular categories are foods, animals, famous people, basic and advanced English, body parts, movies, countries and some delicious and unbeatable words from all time Hangman. The whole idea is to find three words by using the keyboard which appears on the screen. These words are based on the selected category. It is great time playing it as learning options are provided with the help of the Wikipedia button. In this way the time spent playing is also a time of learning words.

4. Funny Jump

If someone is in the mood for something entertaining, the Funny Jump is a great way to spend the time. The center of the game is Roundy, a funny character that rolls down a rope. There are many obstacles placed in front of him and he needs to avoid them. Doing so is easy with a simple tap on the screen. This needs to be done fast as Roundy has to avoid the obstacles by jumping. The whole game is thought like an adventure and Roundy needs to get at the end of it.

5. Bubble Shoot

This is probably the simplest and most addictive games of all. It is very popular because it does not require much skill, but it offers great fun. The idea is to make combinations of three or more bubbles of the same color and burst them. It needs to be tried and it will offer for sure all sorts of fun times.

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