5 Best Emulators for Android

Updated October 6, 2023

Talking about android the first thing what comes in our mind is gaming at its best. Your android OS is definitely capable of playing almost each and every game what existing from decades. Just what required is right emulator with a cheeky ROM file. Don’t get puzzled as I have added a full stop to your hunt for some best emulators for every gaming console.


One of the best emulators as it lets you save states, cheats, fast forwards and also the ability to play multiplayer with Wi-Fi connections in sometimes Bluetooth connections.  It contains some virtual buttons and support for Bluetooth devices and hardware controls.

Amiga 500- UAE4Droid

First of all it lets you save states; secondly you can use the touch screen or tracking ball like little doohickeys as a mouse. Funny thing is it is like barebones emulator but once you have an Amiga ROM file and a powerful phone then it is capable of anything.

Game Boy Advance – GBAoid

When you are playing with powerfull 32 bit precisely the GBAoid also known as GameBoid can handle these handheld games pretty well without a sweat falling. Many important options like cheats, customizable controls, saving states with forwarding features are there. But you will need to source your own BIOS file.

 N64- N64android

The N64, considered as the first foray on 3D but it requires grunt to emulate smoothly by most of the android. Yes it doesn’t have too many features like other “oid” emulators but few features like customizable controls with Bluetooth operations are present.  Performance will strictly vary according to different games.  Some must play games are like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Blast Corps

Master System – Gearoid

Gearoid emulator helps in emulating both the master system along ith the game gear within the same app. It is also capable of accepting ROMs from one of the consoles. Same features like other emulators with fast forwarding, states saving, cutomization etc. some of the must play games are Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Phantasy Star, fantasy zone etc.

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