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How MGID Traffic Exchange Increased My Blog Traffic by 55%

For a blog the most important thing is Traffic and different ways can be use to drive traffic to a blog. I have tried lots of ways to increase my blog traffic, for example search engine optimization, social bookmarking, voting websites etc, all contributed in traffic generation for TechMaish, but just a few months ago i started with MGID to check how it works. My revenue from cpm ad network increased as the overall traffic has increased.

After installing the widget of MGID on my blog, I was shocked to see that MGID is sending 200-500 unique visitors every day to my blog.mgid widget

I thought that the traffic may be unreal and temporary, but day after day I got the same traffic with lots of comments. People were commenting on my blogposts which was the sign that the traffic is real and real people are visiting to my blog.

My blog traffic has got increased by 55% just because of MGID Widget.

What Exactly MGID is?

It is a traffic exchange system where you install a widget on your blog to display related posts with thumbnails to the readers. The related posts are the posts of other blogs that appears on your blog.

Similarly your blogposts also appears in the same way on other blogs who have installed MGID on there blogs. The posts are automatically rotating and every time a post is visited, the most relevant post is shown in the related post section to the visitor.

How to Start With MGID?

Visit MGID.com scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill the form with required information. Wait for replay from MGid and if you blog got approved then you can install a simple code in your blog to display related posts with thumbnails in your blog.

MGid representative will manually submit some of your popular posts in MGid system and these will then appear on related blogs.

As a example you can see 4 related posts at the bottom of this article which are the posts of other blogs. TechMaish posts are also appearing just like this in other related blogs. I recommend you to give a try to this wonderful traffic exchange system and you will see the result by your own eyes.

Thanks for reading.

Update:- It still works, but I have decided not to implement further on my blog. I want to keep my traffic inside my blog. I recommend to give it a try and then decide yourself whether it is going to bring you more traffic or not.

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