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Updated October 6, 2023

Every bloggers aim is to get consistent traffic to their respective blogs on regular basis. Nobody wishes for himself as a blogger to start a blog without people reading the articles on the site talk less of dropping comments. The problem many bloggers make when they don’t get good traffic is that, they neglects to follow the right approach in driving traffic to their particular blogs and when they began to see a sign a failure in their blog promotion approach, they will start to feel tired of continuing with the blog because of low result they are getting.

Increase your Blog Traffic

Why felling tired? Why feeling that you can’t continue to do it? You don’t need to quit now because you are a step closer to getting back all the traffics that you have lost during the time when you are not doing things in the right way. Remember, this is not the best time to quit!

So, these below in this article are the 5 steps you can make use of in getting back your website traffic in order to make your website an authority on the internet. According to research, most of the problems that associated with low or no traffic on many blogs are caused by the owner’s negligence to do what is right at the right time and we shall be dealing with some of these things that can make your traffic decrease and also points on some things you should start doing in getting back things on track.

Remove Annoying Ads from your Site

For ages, ads are some of the thing that large amount of people hates to see on web pages. I too hate it too but there is nothing we can do to stop bloggers from showing ads on their blogs since they are doing it in order to make money back for all the values they’re offering to the people.

Some bloggers even displays ads on their blogs in order to use the income to keep on running their blogs and there’s no reason for such blogger to remove ads on his blog. But what I’m trying to say here is that there are ads that are not good for the eyes or should I call it “annoying ads”?

Any adverts that can annoy people on your website should not find its way to your website pages because that can make people to hate all what you are doing on the site even if you are offering the right contents.

You should make sure that you don’t put ads that can turn people off on your website and make sure that ads on your site are well placed in a place that people couldn’t see it as a disturbance to what they are looking for on your site.

Offer Good Contents

The success of your blog can be fast-forwarded or drawback by the reason of the contents you are publishing on the site for your readers. If your website is all about technology, going further in offering articles relating to sports or any other thing of sort is very bad and can cause you to lose the trust that many of your readers have in your blog.

Provide contents that you know that your readers are willing and ready to read on your site and you will begin to experience exponential changes in your website traffic.

Be Personal

There is nothing better than writing your blog post to your readers in a formal way. Write in language that your readers understand and also make sure that you don’t try to annoy them with your usage of words. Try as much as possible to do all that you can to make all your website’s readers a friend of yours and the work you do and not enemies.

When you are writing a post for your blog, make sure that the post covers an area that you know they would be willing to read and also make sure that you don’t keep-hold of things from them (keeping the truth form them).

Let your readers know who you are and make sure that you reflect what you are preaching to them, not when you haven’t make a single penny online and you start to lie to them that you have been making lots of dollars online.

The moment they realize that you’re not saying the truth, that would be the last time you will ever see them listening to what you have to say. For this reasons, avoid falling victims of the devil in misrepresenting yourself to your readers.

Increase Website Loading Time

If your website is not loading fast, try to make sure that it does because it can cause you to lose traffic and the terrible thing after that is that they might not even come back again because of the first time experience they have had on your blog.

Use all the technique you have to make sure that your website pages loads faster than any other website in your niche so that you can retain most of your traffic for a very long time.

Make Your Site Easy To Navigate Through

Easy navigation is part of the qualities of a good website. You need to use good design on your blog, design that will make it easier for people to access your website on any computer without screen problem and navigation problems.


Some of the above outlined steps are what you need and make sure that you implement them in your website if you are mostly in need of good traffic to your blog.

Author Bio:- Olawale Daniel is a SEO Help Expert and Writer. He consults for individuals and organizations on SEO related basis and also writes for people. You can check his technology blog to read some of his blog post.


  • Nick Taylor

    I’m having second thoughts on back links especially after Google Penguin update. They said that excessive link exchange can result to lower site ranking. This includes building partner pages for the sake of cross-linking (from webmaster tools help).

  • While reading this article me i have got ideas to implement in my website traffic thanks for the awesome post !

  • how can i improve my site?

  • Odesanya Taiwo

    great article. One thing am also gonna say is that because traffic did not come doesn’t mean its not gonna come. So do not give up

  • “Increase Website Loading Time” this is what i need to work on ….my site time it too much 🙁

  • can you tell me some tool to check whether my article is seo rich or not..

    • Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks

      Well, If you want to check that your articles are SEO rich or not, then WordPress some really good tools to check like SEO processor or Easy WP SEO!!!

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