How to Get Free SEO Report For Your Blog?

Updated October 6, 2023

The desire to earn money online does not ends at the purchase of a domain and writing something for your blog/website. The real race starts after that, to come as much up as you can on the search results ranking. You have to work hard on your content, design, and promotion of your blog as it is indeed very hard to bring traffic to your blog among the thousand websites out there.

The best way to promote your blog and improve your page ranking is ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. To direct traffic to your blog from search engines require alot of hard work and actually focused work on your Search Engine Optimization and this will indeed help you earn more money online.

Update:- The SEOrush tool is no longer offering the free audit service. Alternatively you can try this

SEO can be worked on by either hiring a professional for it or read plenty of stuff online about it and work yourself on it. But then in order to confirm that your work is going to bear you fruits, you need to have a SEO report of your blog. There are verious SEO reports websites out there but the one I used and found it more focused on several options is SEOrush. This will give you a free SEO report for your website or blog.

Here is how it works and a simple outline to help you use it:

SEOrush is a one click resource that will give you a complete report of either your BLOG or your competitor’s blog.

1. Enter your/competitor blog/website’s URL

2. The first bar will give you a detail about the Domain to confirm who does it belong to.

3. Next bar will give you a detail about your blog being indexed in Google, Yahoo, Live Web Search and so that you get to know where you need still to work on your blog and get more indexed.

4. This bar will let you know that your page title is within the range or not (at most 64 is the best), and that you have a valid meta description or it has some errors plus will let you know about W3C errors in your blog.

5. The next bar is also of some importance to let you know about your Technorati rank that surely helps you gain some traffic towards your blog plus other rankings.

6. This bar will let you know of your blog’s popularity among social bookmarking websites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit and Furl etc.

This is a great resource to let you know about your Search Engine Optimization work and now I will let you know of one more method to improve your ranking.

If you remember we saw ‘W3C Errors’ in part 4. Now to rectify these errors, I bring you W3 Markup Validation Service. Write down your blog/website’s URL in the address bar, and click ‘Check’. This will let you know of all the errors and a detail about how to rectify them. Just go through that process and you are DONE.

Now to spread a smile on your face to let you know that your hard work did bear you some fruits, just go to Website Value and type in your blog/website’s URL to value your blog.

Please feel free to comment below if you face some problem or want to ask a question about Search Engine Optimization.

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