40 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks to Make Money in 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

In 2022, you need to try a few more channels to earn more money from your blog. There are lots of ways to earn money from a blog, and you can monetize blogs in different ways. For some blogs, PPC ads work great, and for others, affiliate ads work while CPM (Cost Per Impression) ads work best for others.

You must have tried both PPC and affiliate ads, but now try CPM ads to earn more income. CPM ads are ads where you place an advertisement on your blog and you get paid for every 1000 impressions.

For CPM ads, you need constant traffic to earn recurring income. Different CPM networks pay different amounts per thousand impressions and it totally depends on your blog content and traffic quality. It also depends on countries. For example, traffic from the US and Canada more revenue than traffic from other countries.

In this post. I have listed 40 high paying CPM advertising networks through which you can earn extra income from your blog. Have a look at the list below.

With over 15 years of experience, AdMaven is an avant-garde, innovative, digital display advertising network. On the one hand, we strive to improve the CTR and conversion rates for our advertisers. On the other hand, we maximize our publishers’ yields. We are able to achieve this by combining great expertise alongside a high-performing ambitious team that aims for constant improvement, finding the right balance between top income and high user’s experience.  At AdMaven, the relationships we build with our partners are at the heart of our success – and testament to the quality of our performance.

AdMaven – Best CPM Network for Adveritsing

AdMaven CPM Network

AdMaven offers advertisers over 12 billion daily impressions to promote their brands and products through a network with thousands of worldwide advertisers. Our highly advanced self-serve platforms are at our customers’ disposal – helping advertisers launch impactful campaigns in minutes, and publishers implement all the latest tools to monetize all their traffic with the highest eCPM in the industry.


Getting paid is easy and straight-forward. AdMaven gives their publishers the ability to choose their preferred payment method with multiple alternatives that include PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, Paxum, WebMoney and Epayments. You can simply choose the desired payment method in your dashboard.

Advertising Solutions:

Pop Ads: full-page adverts in a new window, triggered by a click that enables publishers to upgrade their ad capabilities to capitalize on their traffic with high-impact advertising formats.

Native Push Notification Ads: clickable push messages that connect with users that opt-in for updates. They work even after they leave your site, helping you reach and monetize your traffic as even when they’re browsing other sites.

Native Floater Banner: our latest monetization weapon, this format delivers ‘push-like’ ads without the need for ‘opt-in’ and that work across all browsers & devices. Designed for maximum user engagement, with a ‘native-like’ experience for customers across any platform, any browser, and any device.

Ad-block Bypass solution: our unique in-house technology will enable you to bypass EasyList and other ad-blockers, ensuring publishers have the right tools to get an additional 20%-30% in revenues from existing traffic which is often hijacked by ad-blockers.

Customer Support / Contact Us:

Our customer support team will be happy to help you set up your AdMaven account and provide advice on the best tools and solutions to monetize your traffic taking full advantage of our product suite. Speak to an AdMaven expert today, email us at: [email protected]  or  [email protected]


1. Exponential

Exponential Media Ads

2. Adbuff

Adbup CPM Network


3.Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media

4. Advertising


5. Advertise.com

Advertising CPM Ad Network


6. AdCash

AdCash Network

7. Rhythmone Media

Rhythmone PPC

8. ProPeller Ads

ProPeller Ads


9. Matomy Media Group

Matomy Media Group


10. Criteo Display Marketing

Criteo Display Marketing


11. Radium One

Radium One Advertising


12. Collective


13. IDG Tech Network


14. Ad4Game


15. Market Place by AdTech CPM Ad Network

Market Place by AdTech

16. Sulvo

Sulvo Ad Network


17. Gorilla Nation

Gorilla Nation

18. Chitika

Chitika Online Advertising Network

19. AdMediaKing


20. Technorati Media

Technorati Media

21. Hub Traffic – For Adult Sites

Hub Traffic

22. AdsBronco

Ads Bronco

23. Adtegrity


24. Ad Hexa


25. Banner Connect


Banner Connect

26. AdAgency 1


27. Index Exchange

Index Exchange

28. Morning Falls Network

Morning Falls Network

29. CPXi


30. Axill CPM Advertising Network

Axill Ad Space

31. BuySellAds

Buy Sell Ads

32. PopCash


33. AdPepper CPM Network

Ad Pepper

34. EPom

ePom Network

35. Clicksor


36. Paid To Promote

Paid To Promote

37. ClickBooth


38. Fast Advert CPM Advertising Network

fast advert

39. AdKnowledge CPM Ad Network


40 Robert Sherman CPM Ad Network

Robertsherman for Publishers

41. Conversant Media

Conversantmedia Ad Network

42.Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media

I know you can’t try all these, but give a try to one of them. All are high paying cost per impression advertising networks. It depends on the quality and quantity of your blog traffic that which network suites your blog better. A simple tip for choosing cpm ad network among these is to “First analyze your blog traffic, that from which country you are getting more traffic” and then “Analyze the ad network” that which one offers high paying ads for your traffic. You can contact them or read there website for detail information.

CPM Ad Networks Suggested by Users

  1. Adsblow.com
  2. Myadsnet.com
  3. Toobamedia.com
  4. Poponclick.com
  5. Edomz.com
  6. Adzonal.com

Thanks to EtechBuzz.com for collecting such a useful list for bloggers.

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  • I see adprudence missing in here. It is a relatively new adnetowork and they pay very good eCPM. I am very happy with it after trying tons of other networks.

  • Roy Dotson

    You have shared a great post here, but cpalists.com is an affiliate network that can let skyrocket your earnings per month. Publisher who wants to earn money from a high traffic website then he must choose one of the best ad networks. I am doing work with cpalists.com from previous two month they make good deal with good rates and make payment on time. It is good for Pay Per Install & Pop Ads work, I highly recommend it to you. You’ll definitely agree with me.

  • Thanks for nice collection. I am great fan of buysellads. Consider adding ExoClick also.

  • Numan Habib

    I have bad experience with chitika, as they pay only 0.001 per 1000 views

    • My dear friend Numan Habib, You can try MaltaCPM. Because MaltaCPM Ad Network pay per 1000 views minimum $0.40.

  • hma ikbal

    I have singed up with propeller ads. but it does not provide bannar ads. please tell me which provide bannar ads and accept new blogger. I am a new blogspot blogger and have low trafic. thanks in advance.

  • snazzysha

    My Site have a asian traffic, And i Have 50000 Impressions per month, So Any one can tell me What are the best CPM networks fo asian traffic sites 🙂

  • My website gets an impression of around 100000 -200000 above / month , what should be the CPM is should l charge an advertiser?

  • I am newbie blogger with low traffic. My blog address is lyflovelaugh.blogspot.com. Will this blog with .blogspot, be accepted by these ad networks? If yes, which ad network would be suitable for me?

  • Utpal konwar

    Thanks for your informative article. It really helped me a lot to find out the best ad platform for blog publishers……..

  • Veronica Garcia

    This is a great list, thanks. We came across Adosia and have been extremely happy with their outcome. I recommend looking them up and giving them a try.

  • Alden Smith

    Thanks for giving useful information…..
    can i place 20 cpm ads in one page ? is there any restriction on number of cpm ads that we can have in one page ?
    plz clarify these things ….

  • Orlando

    Thanks for providing such a high authority classified sites list.

  • Hi friends, I am using sisterads for last 3 months and I got its average cpm rate is $10. I suggested many bloggers and they told me sometimes its cpm is $20 if your traffic come from US and Canada and also weekly payment I am very happy with this ad network here is its url http://sisterads.com

  • Muhammad Farooq

    I am using cpmpoint.com and this is working well for me and also accept all types of sites.

  • Hi. Thank you for sharing this great list for CPM.

    For Latin countries, you can recommend me some, please?

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