Giving Away Free Money – Is it Real?

Updated October 6, 2023

Whenever you hear the phrase “free money”, you immediately doubt its legitimacy. Being skeptical about offers of “free money” is understandable as there are plenty of scams online and offline. Scammers prey on the gullible and desperate by offering free money with little to no effort at all on the victim’s part.

The short answer is yes, there is such a thing as free ways to earn money, sometimes even passively. In this digital age, there are plenty of options for you to earn money. If you’re interested in learning how you can earn a relatively fast income, drop everything and read on! But first, let’s clarify something.

Giving Away Free Money

What Do You Mean by Free Money? Is it Free?

You might have many questions about the legitimacy of “free money”. To clear them up, we’ll explain what exactly we mean by it.

By free money, we mean any cash you receive as rewards or bonuses. These bonuses could be cash you receive for signing up or using a service. It can be a $10 welcome bonus when signing up for a brand new savings account. It could also be redeemable points you save up when sharing your opinion.

We consider this money as “free” because you’re not trading hours of labor in exchange for the cash. Instead, you’re being compensated through additional benefits whenever you perform everyday activities. Now that we’ve outlined what we mean by free money, let’s get to the main topic: how you can earn some extra income, all for free.

Ways You Can Earn Money for Free

Earn Money Through Your Savings Interests

One of the first things that people think about when receiving “free money” is the interest they receive from their bank accounts. A big advantage of having a savings account in a bank is that they earn interest passively in the background while you sleep.

The key thing is to compare your options when deciding to open up a savings account. Make sure that you get the best interest rates available. One simple tip is to opt for online savings banks instead of traditional banks. This is because online banks offer higher interest rates compared to traditional ones. Online banks have less overhead costs overall, and can easily focus on maximizing the returns for their clients.

Earn Money by Using the Internet

Yes, in the age of the digital world, you can make decent money by simply watching television, using the Internet, or offering your Internet to be used for others. Below are some ways you can earn money by following this method.


Honeygain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network. They are offering anyone who’s got a stable and fast Internet connection to earn free money by sharing it. You only need to install their app on your devices and sign up for a free account.

You can then sit back and earn a few bucks passively. Don’t worry: Honeygain takes the security of its clients very seriously. Your Internet traffic will only be used by trusted partners. The app on your devices will also not have access to anything else. You can earn passively without having to worry.

By sharing your Internet traffic, you can help other Internet users and businesses perform various crucial online tasks and operations. For example, companies can safely test the performance of localized apps, verify advertising campaigns, run brand protection operations, or simply compare pricing information. For accessing that publicly available internet information you get paid by Honeygain.

Inbox Dollars

Another way that you can earn money by just doing your normal day-to-day online activities is through Inbox Dollars. It is a really fun and intuitive rewards program that will give you small amounts of cash while you do normal online activities such as watching trending content, taking surveys, and even just surfing the web.

Just like in other reward programs similar to Inbox Dollars, you accumulate cash as you go about your day on the Internet. When you’re ready to cash out, you can request your payment via a check, gift card, or even PayPal. You can trust Inbox Dollars, as they have been around since 2000.


There are plenty of ways to earn free money online, such as using gift cards, sharing your opinions, employing your internet bandwidth, etc. So the conclusion of giving free money – is it real? – Yes, earning free money is real. This is because the online age has opened numerous opportunities, such as Honeygain, for people to earn free money passively or semi-actively, recruiting your devices or even making your savings money work.

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