12 Cool Blogger Templates

Updated October 6, 2023

Blogger is a very popular blogging platform. Not only is it free to use, but many of the templates are free also. Here are the dozen coolest Blogger templates.

  1. MusicStore– A great template for music aficionados, thelook is complete with headphones next to the title and a background of faded sheet music. Totally rocking.
  2. Game Maniac – A graphic-novel title area and bold red background filled with sketches of heroes and villains at war, this template is a comic lover’s dream.
  3. Primes – Simple, low-key grey stripes make this the most mature and yet appealing template on the list.
  4. VideoZone –Perfect for the YouTube lover, this template has a cool grey background with swirls of charcoal. Best of all, the template allows videos to take center attention.
  5. Grunge Stripes – Forest green and shades of brown give this wall-paper like striped background a distinctly masculine feel. Add to that a mud-colored tattoo of vines, leaves, and a small bird and you’ve got a template to be proud of.
  6. ShowTime –Another great template for video lovers, this one works best for the music lover as well. The title has a band prominently displayed, lit up as they rock out.
  7. Lonely Parrot –Burnt orange gives way to banana yellow as a discontent parrot glares at you over your blog’s title, vines of sienna curling behind him.
  8. Rulerplate –Bold black and white graphics make this Blogger template really pop. Make your blog’s title take up the whole page, and look cool doing it. A transparent center column adds to the visual appeal.
  9. GamePassion– Evil giants, black and green. Can’t get any cooler than that. The background is a dark and foreboding cloudy sky, obscured by a horned beast. Black and green lettering make up the words, and the tool bar is starkly olive against the black.
  10. Your Lucky Day –A green felt background and playing cards with scantily clad women. Need I go on?
  11. Si Si – A plain wood background lets the left side column of artistic sketching really pop. Rock out with the boy sitting on top of the turn table as you write.
  12. Feel it– Another plain wood background is accented with graph paper, throwing you back into high school all at once. The pencil sketches to the left of the title really clench it.

No matter what your blog is about, one of these templates will work for you. Take a look and see which one fits your style.

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