Increase Your Blog’s Traffic With These 7 Proven Strategies

Updated October 6, 2023

Increase your Blog Traffic

The highly competitive world of blogging can be quite daunting, especially for beginners. While it does seem like an uphill battle at times, there are a few proven tips that can help you overcome this struggle and increase your blog’s appeal to new visitors.

1. Promote Through Social Media

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to have a massive outreach to various types of audiences. One of your main focuses should be to gain as large of a following as possible on different types of social media networks, as it’s one of the easiest ways for your blog to get noticed. Of course, you should adjust your efforts depending on the type of content that you’re sharing – focus on LinkedIn if you plan on posting business related content, otherwise steer towards Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

2. Improve Titling

The main role of titles is to intrigue the potential visitors into reading the full article. If they’re monotone and uninteresting, you likely won’t get any clicks at all. Similarly, titles with too many words can get boring and tedious. Keep in mind that the attention span of an average person is less than 10 seconds, so the titles have to be short and sweet. Try to tease some of the interesting aspects of the article, but don’t reveal too much. The term “clickbait” is often used to describe content with misleading, attractive names – this is something that you’ll want to avoid. Focus on catchiness, but don’t give out false information.

2. Add Photos

Inserting an appropriate picture every now and again is a very effective method of breaking up the flatness of pure text. An image is worth many words, as it’s a lot easier for human mind to process and it doesn’t strain the eyes as much. If the first thing that your reader sees upon opening your blog is a wall of text, they’ll immediately start looking for another source. It also goes without saying – try not to implement complex, detailed images if your post is already difficult to read, as it can have an opposite effect.

3. Add Subtitles To Videos

While it’s arguably more effective than static images, video content has one flaw – it relies on sound. Those deaf or hard of hearing won’t be able to get the full experience unless you put the effort into subtitling the videos. Fortunately, modern technology has provided a way to easily convert audio to text in just a matter of seconds. The tool for this job is called Audext – an AI-based transcription service, which uses machine learning to recognize digital speech patterns and provide an accurate textual representation. Due to its precision of over 99%, you won’t have to waste hours fixing hardly noticeable grammatical errors and missing punctuation. The only required manual work is the video upload to Audext video transcription tool – the rest, even timestamps and audio synchronization, are fully automated.

4. Insert Keywords

Certain popular keywords relevant to your niche can skyrocket your blog’s position in the Google search results. They can either be singular or come in the form of a phrase. In order to find them, you’ll have to do some digging. Fortunately, there are specialized tools which can ease this job tremendously – Google Trends, for example. These nifty utilities provide an insight into some of the most popular search terms worldwide, with the possibility to filter them by continents, regions and even states. It’s just a matter of pinpointing your blog’s theme.

5. Implement Social Sharing

The small Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn icons which can often be noticed in some of the larger websites are known as the social sharing buttons. They give readers the ability to share content if they liked it with the single click of a button. This is very easy to implement, and it highly increases the chances of your content actually being distributed further. Manual sharing would involve opening a separate tab, logging in, pasting the link and adding a relevant description. With social sharing buttons, everything is already preset and hassle-free.

6. Invest In Promotion

If you want immediate results, it doesn’t get more effective than a paid promotion. Famous influencers around the social medias offer promotion services based on how many followers they have. If you decide to go this route, it’s highly important to find someone who has some common ground with your content. For example, if you have a travel based blog, a landscape photographer or a tourism influencer is more likely to produce the most desirable outcome for your blog. Keep in mind that this can get fairly expensive – especially if they have hundreds of thousands of followers – but also highly effective.

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