Free WinZip and WinRAR Alternatives

Updated October 6, 2023

WinZip and WinRAR are the most popular softwares for a computer user. Which is use to Compress files and decompress them having .ZIP, .RAR, R00, R01, ZIPX, ACE, UUE etc formats. Similarly If you want to upload multiple images to a image hosting website or file hosting website then WinZip and WinRAR are the best one to compress all the images OR files into one single file.

This is probably the best way to archive all files, folders ,songs, games, softwares or any other data to a single file. You can attach, download, save and store these archive files faster and in more efficient way.

List of Free Alternatives for WinZip and WinRAR

1. 7 ZIP

7ZIP is a free alternative for WinZip and WinRAR. You can easily open all files which are .ZIP, .RAR and other formats. This is a freeware software which has lots features just like WinRAR and WinZIP.

2. ALZip

This a new but advance, which does the same operations as WinRAR and WinZIP do. It is simple and easy. It is free, but a small Ads is appearing on the top right sid, which is for supporting ALZip. The Ad will not stop you from work, but it is to make sure to change and add new features to ALZip.

3. IZ Arc

This is the most popular one free alternative for WinZip and WinRAR. It support lots of formats like .RAR, .ZIP, ZOO, DEB, MIM, TZ, PDI. BZA, C2D etc. You can also open CD images having NRG, CDI and ISO restrictions. Try the free portable version of IZArc and use all the advance features.

4. TUG Zip

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2005-08. Screen Shots, Tutorials and guides are available on its official website. TUGZip is award winning free alternative for WinZip and WinRAR. Compress, Extract, Delete and Rename files, Encrypt archives and create self encrypted archives.

5. Zip Genius 6

Anther new and free one, but good one. The website is in Italian language but you can convert it to the English language using google translate toolbar. A English version is also available. Zip Genius perform many advance features of compressing, extracting etc.


  • Technikola

    7Zip and ALZip can give tough competition to Winzip. Winzip is very famous but there are many others software are also there to compress and decompress files.

  • PeaZip is my favourite alternative to WinRar, it even opens new RAR5 archives most free utilities can’t handle.

  • marathimatrimony

    great list of alternative free software provide by you thanks for sharing its really useful alternative i just try 7 zip its working good

  • Dheeraj Thedijje

    Thanks for your information, i don’t want to use WinRar by having fake serial number that’s why i rush for free alternative. have nice time

  • 7zip is a very good program. I used it for 2 years. But now I have Mac and the best option is B1 free archiver. It is like 7zip for mac.

  • Now I m using 7zip 😉

  • Great list..

    Thnx for the post dude

  • Anish K.S

    7 Zip is a better options.

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