What Song Is This? 13 Mobile And Web Apps To Identify Songs

Updated October 6, 2023

Have you ever been stuck in a musical puzzle, trying to recall the name of a catchy song or the artist behind it? In that case, you’re at the right place. For sure, the most obvious thing you can do to recognize music is ping the lyrics of the song on Google. While this tried-and-true method trick still works, it has become too outdated.

Now you can utilize mobile apps to identify nearby music. However, considering the huge availability of these innovative mobile applications, it can be a bit tricky to simply install the best one. Therefore, we have decided to share the list of 13 mobile and web apps to identify music. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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13 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Some of the top apps to find what song is this:

1. Shazam

Shazam Find Song

This app has earned a strong reputation in the music industry. Within a couple of seconds, it can identify the song you’re looking for. Even better, it gives you the option to purchase the music if it really captivates your interest.

The app also has the ability to track down even the most elusive songs that are nearly impossible to identify through other means. And all these benefits are available as freebies. Isn’t it impressive?

2. MusixMatch

MusixMatch Identify Music

Another reliable app, MusixMatch can work on any system, be it Android or IOS. This universal compatibility is an excellent feature, as many best apps are just exclusive to android smartphones. Plus, the multi-platform service can also find out your desired tune at a very swift pace.

Unlike other basic apps, MusixMatch allows you to remove vocals from the song so that you can sing it as your own. With the karaoke-style feature, you could create your own remake of your favorite hit.

3. WhoSampled

WhoSampled Find Music

Next app on our list to help you identify any song is WhoSampled, which comprises a huge music database. From original music files to cover songs and remixes, you can find every version of your favorite song here. Moreover, you just need to play the melody while this app is activated, and it can easily identify the song along with its other attributes.

Not just this, but the app can also display covers for a particular song in a few seconds. Moving forward, you can also compare side-by-side tracks using this app. It is even compatible with YouTube, so you can easily stream your desired musical tunes through the app.

4. BeatFind Music Recognition 

BeatFind Music Recognition

This Android application is one of the essential sources to identify music through its tune and melody. It’s easier to do so as you just need to visit the search icon that appears on the screen’s bottom to proceed.

However, the capabilities of BeatFind aren’t just restricted to this, as it also features multiple other music-related factors. For example, you can play the song and enjoy a flashlight strobe effect simultaneously, just as in a disco.

5. Song Finder

Song Finder

Song Finder, as the name suggests, is an application that lets you know what music you’re listening to. The app may sometimes present with a few glitches, but it’s still a good-to-go option. Once it manages to detect the song, the app also displays the lyrics of that particular song.

Moreover, it also redirects you to the music video on YouTube to enjoy the song with HD visuals. Some of the details regarding songs that you can access via this application include song titles, track IDs, artist names, and his/her albums.

6. Google Assistant

Google Assistant to Identify Songs

It’s rare for Android users not to know about Google Assistant. This is basically an in-built program that can perform actions on your voice-based prompts. Following this, you can simply launch the app on your phone and say Hey, Google, which song is this. Now play the music you want to identify.

As Google listens to the song, it will immediately recognize it and display a list of playable links. So you can easily listen to the song online. The best part about Google Assistant is that it can identify songs even when they’re playing far away in the room, making it one of the top choices for this purpose.

7. Siri


Siri is basically the Google Assistant for iPhone users. It’s because this app functions on a similar method. You just need to play the melody and give it the voice prompt to recognize it. Once Siri is able to detect the song, it will display a link to redirect you to Apple Music, through which you can easily listen to that particular music.

However, for that, you must have the subscriber ID of the program. Or else it will ask you to simply buy or listen to a sample.

8. Genius

Genius Search Lyrics

The next best option we’ve in the box is Genius. Being similar to MusixMatch, it can identify the music and also bring up the lyrics. As a bonus, you can download the lyrics and share them with your friends. In terms of the user interface, the app provides you with an intuitive environment to search for your desired music. All you have to do is open the app and click the music recognition button.

9. Alexa

Find Music with Alexa

Like Google Assistant and Siri, Alexa is another voice assistant that can identify music. The innovative model has an edge over other chatbots in terms of speed and accuracy. However, the application can only recognize music that’s playing on Amazon music. The best part out of all is that you can also ask it for the name of the artist and other queries about the song.

10. SoundHound

SoundHound Music Finder

SoundHound aims to enhance the experience of music around the globe. It can help you to identify the music with the tune. You can also puzzle out the song if you just hum. However, you will need to hum perfectly. Moreover, this application allows you to stream music from multiple platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, etc. Though most of the part is free of cost, of course, you will need to face those annoying ads.

11. Song Finder & Identifier

Song Finder & Identifier

As the name suggests, Song Finder & Identifier is a handy app that’s very useful to recognize nearby beats. With this application at hand, you can get the result in just a couple of seconds. After the recognition process, it would bring up the name of the song and the artist behind it.

Not only this, but the app also provides links so you can listen to the tune directly from streaming platforms. However, it may get beat up in identifying old hit songs.

12. AHA Music

AHA Music

AHA Music is another popular yet best web application to identify music. It utilizes a vast database of ACRCloud services and creates music results within a few seconds. The most impressive part is that it offers a web extension. This feature eliminates the need to visit the web application every time you need to identify a tune.

While offering its services for free, the app also incorporates a feature to recognize music through the means of humming, and that’s fantastic.

13. MusicPedia


As apparent by its name, the application is a Wikipedia but for only music enthusiasts. You can find the music through its lyrics, tune, or even play it on your piano. Moreover, the web application offers search options like brand name, language, or the year in which the song was released. Aren’t these extra features incredible?


So here you have it,”What song is this? 13 mobile and web apps to identify songs”. With these mobile and web apps in your pocket, the world of music is truly yours to discover and enjoy. From the user-friendly Shazam to the crowd-sourced power of SoundHound, these apps have revolutionized the way we used to interact with music.

Whether you’re humming a tune, catching a snippet on the radio, or simply curious about the music playing around you, these apps deliver seamless and accurate results. So what are you waiting for? Install one and let the secret be uncovered.


Can Google listen to a song and tell me what it is?

Yes, Google Assistant can listen to a song and recognize it. However, you need to make sure that the app is installed on your device.

What is the best music identifier for Android?

The best music identifier apps for Android include Shazam, Google Assistant, Genius, MusixMatch, etc. You must determine one that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Can Alexa identify songs?

Yes, Alexa can identify songs that are played on Amazon Music. In fact, it can also bring up the name of the artist, live lyrics, and other information related to the song.

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