React Native Apps And The Changes They Brought

Updated October 6, 2023

Native Apps

React Native mobile development is one of the very popular and modern trends. It is a game-changer when it comes to delivering great apps. Even though it’s been in the market for so many years, these days the apps that are using the React Native are coming into limelight. There are many reasons for this and let’s discuss some of them and the apps being developed in React Native

A group of people from Facebook were behind the introduction of this React Native app in 2015. It was expected that this platform will cause a certain amount of revolution, especially in the mobile world.

Instagram and React with Native

When we consider Instagram, this app has changed the way pictures are actually taken. After the usage of this app, Instagram became much more than just posting some pictures. Today Instagram is one of the independent business platforms.

Facebook and React to Native

The first thing that changed on Facebook was an event dashboard. They change it with the help of Reactive Native. This was the change made to the original Facebook iOS app. You know the result. After this change, the screen actually started working 100 percent faster than before. This has brought tremendous changes in UX and all the mobile users of Facebook get benefited from this.

The next change was on the Ads Manager app on Facebook. This is one of the first applications that is completely React Native based. Through this change, they proved that it is possible to apply this framework to entire mobile development along with specific features.

Here also, it brought great results. Since it provided them with code reuse they can apply the single business logic and create many identical UI and there is no need to start from scratch. Hence with all these changes, it is proved that usage of this Reactive Native framework in developing apps is important and highly beneficial.

Discord and React Native

  • Discord team started using this framework right from the day it is released. They first tried this framework for creating an application on iOS. With this experiment, they came to know that,
  • It is possible to share the code between mobile platforms and web platforms and there is no need to sacrifice user experience
  • You can experience faster iterations when it comes to UI components by using hot reloading and storybooks
  • Without the necessity of App Store Review, it is possible to update the app through over-the-air patches
  • The best part is you are made available with Reactive native support community that is super helping

Bloomberg and React Native

This is a global news agency that mainly targets financial topics. Even though the company is capable of keeping in-house teams for their native development, they opt for React Native application. There are many reasons for this.

  • Before the usage of react-native, they experience repetition and delays mainly in sharing the code across Android and iOS
  • It just took 5 months to deliver the new Bloomberg New App with React native

Bottom Line

Being a developer you should try Reactive Native app at least once. It is assumed that after you sue this, it will become your favorite framework. React Native is best suitable if you are in search of an app for your startup or business. The reasons behind this are it demands fewer people, less time, and lesser cost in delivering an app.

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