5 Must-Have Cloud-Driven Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

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Any modern smartphone storage space fluctuates from 32GB to 256GB and it’s quite a lot. However, Freepps.top editor Daniel Wilson believes that there’s no need to increase it anymore as cloud technologies become handier. Daniel is convinced that the most efficient way for developers lies through improvement of cloud-driven applications which don’t take much disk space. So, here is his review of 5 worthy apps which use this technology.

Google Drive

I decided to begin with this one, as it’s the most widely used cloud-based ecosphere on the market. Google drive is a perfect tax-free online-software for any organization which works on the creation of texts, tables, websites, graphics, and anything else from videos to software.

Drive collides online office suite elements by Google and makes them available for any platform with internet access. Any document or uploaded file can be opened, edited, shared, or downloaded anywhere anytime. All changes are saved automatically, so you won’t lose a bit. I can’t imagine my job at Freepps.top without this universal instrument. I get by with a free 15GB suite, but you may enlarge your disk space up to 30TB for a reasonable price.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive works quite the same with Google’s analog, but it requires much disk space of your device. This cloud service unites Microsoft Office elements to let you share documents between your PC and smartphone or companies’ desktops.

Cloud storage for office documents is the safest place. You get OneDrive for free when you buy Office 365 subscription for any personal or business purpose. Basic 5GB storage is quite enough for papers & tables, but you can purchase up to 5TB space for 5 devices. It would be more than enough for any corporate document storage.

OneDrive is much more massive than G-Drive, but still a great linking app for a classic office suite.


I consider this one as a “cloud of clouds”, as you can integrate your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts into it. Slack is a perfect business solution. It has a convenient messenger which provides tools for business group messaging. It means that all teams and clients are divided so that you wouldn’t lose contact. Employees are voluntary to join and quit chats. Any corporate documents are easy to drag to chats. It’s also comfortable to give personal explanations via video chat or screen sharing options.


This one is simple cloud storage for files of any type, but why is a must-have? You can access files from any platform via application and website. Dropbox has a wide network of integration’s into a variety of applications and websites, so you can set it as core storage for your work needs. I use it for 6 years already to share images with writers at Freepps.top.

Dropbox algorithms provide the fastest download-upload experience on the market which is very important for those who operate with massive files. Another benefit is for smartphone users who need more space for photos. Application uploads all photos, docs, and videos automatically, so you may delete files and not worry about their safety.

Resilio Sync

If you feel that your data requires more security, this solution is perfect. Developers bet on those users who don’t trust popular cloud storage. That’s why they provide a unique option of creating a closed home-cloud on the basis of your PC or Time Capsule. The application is a bundle of two synchronized programs for PC and smartphone. Just download them for free and be sure to have access to your server files anywhere.

The main disadvantage is that you are bound to keep the actual storage running continuously. All features are completely free and the amount of memory is restricted only by your HDD of SSD capacity.

Bottom line 

Cloud-driven apps are mostly multi platform to erase any file sharing borders. Fast and secure file availability makes any project creation process safer and faster. I feel like a couple of years ago I had to carry a huge SATA HDD around to share video footage’s, but today I don’t have to go anywhere to bring data to clients and employees. Everything is available on my smartphone and I don’t have to purchase additional drives.

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