3 Ways to Unblock Youtube at School – [2024 Tested]

Updated December 23, 2023

Schools blocks access to certain websites including Youtube and gaming websites for obvious reasons. They want you to focus on your studies and get high grades but someone time you need access to these blocked websites.

Mostly gaming sites are blocked in schools but some school network also block access to social media sites and video hosting sites like Youtube, Tiktok, Vimeo, Daily Motion and several others. However, this does not mean there is no way you can access them. There are different ways you can use to access any of the blocked website including Youtube.

Youtube is a great resource when it comes to increasing your knowledge and experiences. In the field of education Youtube has played vital role and one of the recent data shows that the most watch genre on youtube includes education. Ted ED is one of the popular educational Youtube channel with more than 19 Million Subscribers and 28 Million Viewers. This show how important information is being shared and accessed by the students.

Schools should not restrict sites that enhances students knowledge, capabilities and skill. Instead they should promote the positive role of social media and websites that provides access to educational stuffs. Blocking is not the correct approach to deal with the negative aspect of its usage.

Why Youtube is Blocked at School?

How to Unblock Youtube In School

There are different reasons why school management block access to Youtube. The following are some of the most common reasons;

  • Students can view inappropriate content
  • It is blocked so that students don’t play and listen music on Youtube during classes.
  • In events like World Cups it is blocked so that students are restricted from watching live matches.
  • Certain Federal Laws requires blocking of sites where content related to pornography may be available.
  • It is blocked so that students can focus on studies.

Any school may have a different reason for blocking but these are some of the common one. In some schools, Youtube may be blocked only in specific departments. For example in Music Department it is not blocked so that students can view content related to music.

How to Unblock Youtube at School?

There are number of ways you can use to unblock Youtube at your school but the method will depend what types of security system your school network may have applied for blocking certain sites. However, the following ways will help you unblock most of the blocked sites on a school network.

1. Use VPN Servers and Tools

The most common practice to unblock any blocked website or app is to use VPN. A VPN known as Virtual Private Network is mechanism where your computer network is bypassed and another IP address from a different country or server is used to access website on the existing network. As school mostly block access to certain websites that are searched and access on your school network, a VPN acts between and bypasses the restrictions. Thus allowing you to access the block websites including Youtube.

How to Use VPN Servers & Tools?

First of all you have to a pick a VPN Service Provider. There are free and paid as well.

Free VPN Providers for PC

Install any of these VPN on your school PC and Run it. It will assign a different IP address from a country and allow you to access Youtube on a blocked network.

Free VPNs for Android Phone

Install any of these apps on your Android or iPhone and connect it with a country. After it assigns IP address to your phone, you can easily access Youtube from your school network.

Free VPN for Google Chrome Browser

You can also use Google Chrome browser to install a Chrome Extension and access any blocked website on your school network. The following Free VPNs can work for you. Make sure to access these links on a Google Chrome browser so that it is automatically added to your installed extension.

2. Change DNS Setting to Google OpenDNS

Another way to access Youtube on your school network is to change DNS Setting on your school computer. To change DNS Setting, go to your PC Start Menu and Setting.

Step 1: Click on Network and internet from left pane.

Change DNS Setting Access Blocked Youtube

Step 2: At the Top of the window, your Internet Connected to WiFi or Wired Network name will be shown. Click on the “Properties” at the top middle area.

Step 3: Click on Edit option next to “DNS Server Management

Network and Internet DNS

Step 4: Select “Manual” under the Edit network DNS Settings and Turn ON both option IPv4 and iPv6.

DNS Setting to Unblock Websites

Step 5: Now enter the following DNS Servers in both IPv4 and iPv6 accordingly.


  • Preferred DNS:
  • Alternate DNS:


  • Preferred DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • Alternate DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844

Make sure to copy and paste in the correct places as shown in below screenshot.

How to Access Youtube on Blocked Network

Step 6: Click “Save” and now access Youtube again.

3. Use Online Proxies

There are number of online proxies which allows you to access any blocked website. All you have to do is access a proxy website and enter the address of https://www.youtube.com and press Go button. The proxy website will load Youtube inside its website and you will be able to play any videos. The speed of the loading will depend on the server of the proxy provider. However, most of the proxy servers are fast enough to play any video smoothly.

List of Proxy Sites

  • https://myiphide.com/proxy-site.html
  • https://unblockproxy.win/
  • https://freeproxy.win/
  • https://webproxy.best/
  • https://unblock-websites.com/

Bonus Tip: Tor Browser

There is another way as well which you can use to access Youtube if it is blocked at your school. You can use Tor Web Browser which is a secure and encrypted browser that allows you to surf internet anonymously. It is used mostly to access Dark Web but it works for accessing blocked websites as well.

Download Tor Browser from Here. https://www.torproject.org/download/

It is available for PC, Mac, Android and Linux. Download for your preferred Operation System and access Youtube.


Youtube is a popular video site where you can watch videos on any genre. From entertainment to education, you have all type of videos available for free. Schools mostly block youtube to allow students to focus on their studies. However there are ways you can use to unblock them. One of the most common way is to use VPN Servers. Similarly Online Proxies and Tor Browser can also be used to access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to bypass school restrictions on Youtube

You can easily bypass school restrictions on Youtube by using a VPN Server, Online Proxy, Changing DNS Servers or Installing Tor Web Browsers. These methods allows you to bypass your school network filters and access any blocked website.

2. Why School Administration block youtube?

School administration always follow strict rules to maintain school standards. In this digital age they always try to ensure that students are focused on their studies and not get distracted by the craze of technology. Therefore, they block access to different sites like Gaming and Watching Videos on Youtube.

3. Can I unblock Youtube for free?

Yes, it is possible to unblock youtube for free using a free VPN, Proxy or Web browser. The process is simple and easy. Just install any VPN on your school PC or your mobile phone connected with the school network and activate it. Once activated you can access any blocked websites including Youtube.

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