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10 Popular Free Image and Video Hosting Services

Free Image Hosting Websites are very useful for all kind of internet users and specially for bloggers on low space hostings. Instead of using self hosted images in posts, you can use free image hosting websites to upload your  images and save some disk space.

Again it all depends on personal decisions whether to use free hosted images or self hosted images in blog posts. Online video editors and film professionals can benefit greatly from hosting some projects on a third-party site. But if you really want to host all your blog posts images (OR at least some) in free hosting websites, then below are the most popular free image hosting websites. Where you can upload images and share it in your blog, forum or any other place. With free image hosting you does not need to worry about how much does it cost to maintain a website.

List of Free Image and Video Hosting Sites – [2023 Updated]

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1. Imageshacks.com

Free image hosting

This is one of the most popular one. You can upload unlimited images and even batch uploading is available at imageshacks. But there is one problem and that is only images with upto 1.5 MB size are allowed. Images greater then 1.5 are not accepted. You can upload any image format like JPEG,PNG,BMP etc. ImagesHacks also allow you to upload videos.

Update: The free accounts are no longer available. They now offers 30 days free trail with 30 GB data limit. The new limit of size per image is now 25 Migabytes. All the images uploaded are automatically converted to JPG to increase the speed and performance of the image.

2. TinyPic.com [No Longer Available]

free video hosting

Another one is TinyPic, which is also the best and popular free image and video hosting website. Upload your images, videos and share it with your friends or post it in your blog or website. You can also download TinyPic upload for your PC desktop to direct upload images and videos to your account.

3. PhotoBucket.com


One of the growing photo and image hosting website which provides you quality service with outstanding security. Backup all your important images in a very secure environment. Easily sync your photos from a computer, laptop or smartphone and even you can sync from facebook to your photobucket account. Apart from photos you can also store you videos and share it with your friends. You can upload maximum dimension of 2048×1536 px photo. In a free account you have 2 GB of space while in Pro account you can have upto 500 GB of space.

Update: It is no longer providing free accounts. You can use the Trail offer to check its features. Its Lite Package offers 25 GB of Data for $6/month.

4. SupLoad.com [No Longer Available]

Upload free images

SupLoad allow you to host free images, videos, music and ring tones. You can then share your images, videos on Facebook, MySpace,Ebay etc. There is no maximum file size restriction. You can upload any size of image or video however the maximum dimension is 1600×3200 px.

5. Imgsrc.ru

Imgsrc free image hosting site

More than 777,000 users are registered on the site. It is one of the popular image hosting site which allows you to upload multiple images at a time for free. The best part is there is no limit on the number of images you can upload.

Update: You have to upload unique pictures on the site. Pictures that are copy pasted, water marked, or already uploaded by another user are not allowed for uploading on the site. You can upload upto 200 images at a time.

6. Flicker.com


This is one of the popular website developed by Yahoo Inc. Where you can upload and share your photos in a very high secured environment. You can upload photos through multiple ways, for example through web, mobile phones and through email. Once uploaded you can easily share in facebook, twitter, blog or email. You can also access the website on your mobile device using m.flickr.com

7. ImgSafe.org

ImgSafe Hosting

The site allows you to upload upto 20MB of an image. It also supports drag and drop feature which allows you to easily upload images from your hard drive.

8. ImageVat.com

Host free images with imagevat and share it with your friends. Use it in your blog posts, forums etc. Upload any image format and there is no maximum size limit.

9. ImageCloset.com

Provides you one of the fastest server for your saved images. Upload your images having 1 MB size and JPG,PNG and GIF formats. Share you photos and images on popular social media websites like twitter. I also share 3 ways to share videos and pictures on twitter. But you can also use imagecloset to host images for free and share it with your friends.

10. PostImage.org


Upload a single photo or multiple photos from your computer or from a URL. It is perfect for a forum and even you can use a script to upload in your forum and all the images uploaded to your forum will be hosted in your PostImage.org account. The account has no limit on photo uploads and images will stay in your account even if they are inactive.

And if you need a web hosting for more serious projects, I suggest that you check these hosting reviews.

Image Hosting Sites Suggested By Users

  • Photobuckets.com
  • Freeimagehosting.net
  • imgup.net

Do suggest other photo sharing websites in the comments section so that they can be added in the list.