How to Become a Content Creator on YouTube

Updated October 6, 2023

YouTube. Everyone has heard about YouTube. In fact, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide. What started as an easy online video sharing platform has become a breadwinner for so many people worldwide.

A website that started with the founders sharing a video of them at a zoo in 2005 now has trillions of videos of every type you think of. From vines to comedy to educational, YouTube has become a platform accessible by anyone anywhere around the globe.

Content Creator on YouTube

This has allowed people worldwide to show their talent to an audience from anywhere around the world. With the availability of cheap internet, many creators have come to this platform to show what they are good at and earn money from it.

Do you want to become one of them? Do you want to have a successful YouTube channel? You have come to the right place. Let us discuss how to become a content creator on YouTube.

1. Follow your passion

The common thing between all full-time YouTubers is, they like what they are creating. They enjoy making videos. It is their passion. You cannot make forced content that will create a lack of interest, and all your effort will be washed down the sink.

Before making an engaging video, you need to know what you are good at and what you enjoy. The audience will notice the enthusiasm in your content, which will help you build up a loyal organic fanbase. Even the most boring videos can become appealing if you show your enthusiasm to your viewers.

2. Select your target audience

There is a wide variety of people out there looking for videos of different categories. You need to choose and fix a target audience you want to appeal to. If you cannot fix that, you won’t be able to entertain people, and your channel will not grow.

Try to see what people like these days. You can focus on the audience of your age group and gender to make your content more relatable. Asking for references from your friends will give you a general idea about what your audience wants.

You can try making videos on trending topics like gaming, fitness, kids. Although these fields are almost saturated, you can try something new and appealing so that people get interested in your videos.

making videos on trending topics

3. Grow your channel

You need to increase your reach to other people to get views and subscribers. But people may not know about your channel. And YouTube only recommends your videos if it has fast growth or has a large subscriber base.

There are a few ways to grow your fanbase. You can promote your videos on social media. If a viewer likes your video, he or she might want to see other videos on your channel or even subscribe. The other way is to grow your channel is to buy subscribers. There are websites out there that boost your YouTube channel for an amount of fee. These are great options if you want professionals dedicated to this field of work to help you grow your channel.

4. Create a unique channel

To become an established YouTuber, you will need to make a channel that makes you unique. That makes you stand out among millions of channels out there. To impress your viewers, you need to make something that catches the eye.

You can start with a catchy name. A name that people can identify you with. If you mention PewDiePie, you know which person you are talking about.

Another thing you can do is to utilize your banner. You can use your banner to describe who you are, what you do. But you need to make it catchy with visuals and text designs. This will catch the viewer’s eye and watch your videos if it appeals to his or her interest and even subscribes to your channel.

5. Improve your SEO

YouTube is a platform where anyone can upload a video. If you search for a topic, you will see lots of videos on it from different content creators. You need to take some measures so that your video doesn’t get lost in the millions of videos when people search about the topic.

The thing you need to do is search engine optimization or SEO. It is a method to increase your video’s chances of appearing on the top if someone searches about it. You will need to optimize your content, video titles, and video description so that the YouTube algorithm shows your video on top of the search results. You will also need to make long engaging videos. Keep in mind that a long video sometimes might not keep the user’s attention, so consider using a caption generator to create subtitles, which can be of great help. Your subscriber count, like-to-dislike ratio, number of comments, in short, your engagement will also let your video come out on top. So, make your content accordingly, and you will experience massive growth.

6. Post consistently

There was a time when creating YouTube channels was hard. Not everyone could afford a good camera. Not everyone had access to the tools you need to become a great content creator. At that time, the handful of content creators had a loyal fanbase; they were considered celebrities.

But as time passed, the internet became cheaper and more available, cameras became cheap. Now anyone can become a content creator and create a video on whatever you want.

Previously, viewers had no choice but to watch videos of a specific person as there was no one else to do that. Nowadays, things have changed.

Now, YouTube has become so saturated that content creators have become a bridge between the viewer and entertainment, resulting in a low percentage of a loyal fanbase. If a creator suddenly stops posting any content, the viewers will ask about him or her for a few months and eventually move out to see another creator.

So, to ensure that your channel and your fanbase grow and prevent your channel from dying, you will need to upload content regularly. You need to plan a fixed schedule and stick to it. Let your viewers know your schedule and maintain it. This will keep the viewers engaged in your channel, and with adequate SEO and boosting; your channel will grow.


Starting a channel and building it up is hard. You will face lots of competition and difficulties. But if you enjoy making videos, with the right amount of determination and hard work (and a few tips and tricks), you can also become a famous established YouTuber everyone knows.

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