How to Watch Private Videos on YouTube for Free – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Youtube has different types of videos which includes public, private and unlisted. Public videos can be watched by anyone using search feature and it can easily be found on Youtube related videos section. However, videos that are Private can not be watched without obtaining permission from its owner. Private videos are restricted only to the users that have been given permission by its creator and they are not listed anywhere on Youtube.

Unlisted videos are those that are restricted from showing in search and related sections. However, they can be played by anyone if he/she has its link.

The focus in this article is how to watch private youtube videos for free.

What is Youtube Private Video?

How to Watch Youtube Private Video Free

When a creator uploads a video, it is marked either public, private or unlisted. If Private is selected then this video can’t be viewed or watched by anyone. Even if someone has its link but it will not play and black screen showing “This Video is Private” message will appear on the Video.

Private Videos are restricted due to privacy setting and only authorized persons are allowed to watch it. This is done mostly for sharing personal videos, videos related to certain topics that are not publicly available or due to any other purpose.

How to Watch Youtube Private Videos for Free?

Before going into details let me first clarify that any video marked as Private is restricted for the purpose that it is not viewed by anyone not authorized. Youtube does not allow this and any trick available online to watch Private Video is always temporary and as soon as Youtube finds it, the trick no longer works.

There are ways available but none of them are guaranteed to work and it only depends on Youtube Privacy setting.

1. Ask for Permission

The only free and working way to watch youtube private video was to ask for permission from its creator. However, this method is also now removed by Youtube and you have no option available to contact the creator of the video.

2. URL Modification

Previously there was a trick to modify the link of a Private video and watch it but this is fixed by Youtube. You no longer can access a Private youtube video using URL modification. The method was to remove the word “watch” from the URL of the video and then try watching.

3. Video Cache

If a video is recently marked as Private form Public status then chances are that a cache copy of the video is available on websites that stores cache versions. However recently this method has also stopped working. Youtube has also disconnected caching videos due to its space requirements.


The fact that a Private video is restricted from watching by any unauthorized person, one can not watch it using any trick. The purpose of the Private Video as suggested by its name is clear and you have to respect the privacy of the creator who has marked it Private.

However tricks are available that can be used to watch youtube private video for free. Currently no such tricks are working and one has to look for it constantly to find a perfect trick.

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