How to Watch Live ICC World Cup 2024 Matches Online?

Updated December 23, 2023

ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 is schedule to start in India on 27th June 2023 and first match is going to be played on 05 Oct, 2023. The excitement to watch ICC World Cup matches online on internet is different than watching on TV.

The experience of watching live TV on mobile phone or laptop and desktop with your partners, friends is what makes the match more enjoyable. The feeling of excitement along with looking at the social memes, comments and trends makes the live matches experience much pleasurable.

If you are already excited watching your favorite team playing with the arch-rivals is a thrilling experience. The Top 5 rivalries in the history of Cricket is between the following teams.

  • Pakistan vs India
  • England Vs Australia
  • Australia vs South Africa
  • West Indies vs England
  • West Indies Vs Australia

Whenever these teams plays each other, the excitement, feelings and stamina of the viewers is always at a very high pace. If your favorite team is already on fight today and want to watch live match on your mobile, PC or Laptop then start watching right away using the links mentioned below.

How to Watch Your Favorite Team Match Online?

The following are different websites where you can watch ICC World Cup 2023 live with your friends, family and colleagues.

1. Youtube

Most of the matches can be watched on Youtube Live Streaming. Some of the TV channels are streamed online on Youtube but mostly with Audio and Text Commentary. However, your first place is always youtube to see if the match is available live on youtube.

Just make sure to avoid watching the videos that has fake thumbnails of the word “LIVE”. To make sure the video is actually “LIVE” look for the word Live next to the video.

Watch ICC World Cup 2023 Matches Live

2. Ten Sports Streaming

Ten Sports Watch Live Matches

Ten Sports is one of the leading sports channel where you can watch live matches. If you don’t have TV or cable, the online web address of Ten Sports is going to help you watch ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 live. Click on the link above to go to the Ten Sports Streaming page and scroll down. Watch out for the media player and click on the Play button.

Make sure you find the Streaming Video button on the page because there are advertisements as well and you might get confuse with the actual button. Scroll down until you see the Media Player.


Disney Hotstar IPL Live Streaming

If you are from India, you can try with the Indian video on demand over-the-top streaming service which is owned by The Walt Disney Company India. It is subscription based service and you can watch most of the Sports Channels live without any issue. Apart from Sports channels, you can also watch movies, news, dramas and much more.

4. Watch on Android and iOS Apps

There are various android apps available on Playstore to watch live cricket matches. This list contain some of the apps where you can watch live matches. Due to copyright issues no website can offer free live streaming of a channel without their permission. Google and other online authorities can take notice of such services and can block them. That is why Android Apps offer live streaming without such issues being detected by the authorities.

It is still illegal to offer live streaming of channels on android apps but since they can’t be detected promptly, most of these apps work fine.

Go through the list OR search the Play Store directly for the updated servers. Similarly, you can search on Apple Store for such apps as well.

5. Search Google for Live Score Cards

If no link is available, it is always recommended to search the live score directly in Google. Simply entering the Team 1 vs Team 2 on google, will show live scores of the teams. If the match is currently live you will be able to see the scores. Otherwise you can see the final result of match on Google Page.

Apart from the Live scores you can also check the Result Card including who got how many wickets and which player scored how many runs. The overall summary of the cricket match can easily be seen on the Google Page.

6. Watch on Facebook

Facebook also have live streaming feature and some time the matches are broadcasted by individual users on facebook directly. Search the team names in Facebook using the keywords like “India vs Pakistan Live” and the results will show videos. Check for the live streaming on the result pages and if available, watch it for free with the voice and noise of the streamer.

7. Download Streaming Softwares

There are several online streaming softwares that allows you to watch live channels including sports. These live streaming softwares are some of the free available for download. Install the software and browse the channels you are looking to watch.


Online streaming is a service mostly offered through membership. Most of the websites offering these services free are providing without permission and falls under illegal/Copyright infringement. However these are some of the possible ways you can use to watch ICC worldcup live matches for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch ICC World Cup 2023 for Free?

Online streaming services including Hotstar, Ten Sports and Hulu can be used to watch ICC World Cup 2023 matches online for free.

Is it Legal to Watch World Cup 2023 Matches Online?

Websites that offer live streaming of channels without their permission are illegal and Google always take action against such sites by not including them in its Search Engine Result Pages.

Where is ICC World Cup 2023 Hosted?

It is hosted in India and the first match is between England vs New Zealand played in Ahmadabad on 05 October, 2023.

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