The Complete Guide to PDFelement for 2020 – Control Your PDFs with the Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Updated October 6, 2023

PDFelement is a professional-level PDF editor and an award-winning document management software with stellar reviews from users and professional reviewers alike. It offers easy ways to create, edit, convert, sign, secure, optimize, and manage PDF and other documents. The software is available in nine different languages and offers versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. PDFelement stands out from the crowd of PDF editors because of its clean and simple design, extensive features list, and convenient navigation to complete any PDF task that you need for your business to run efficiently and in a productive manner.

PDFelement 7

It is also considered to be the best Adobe Acrobat DC alternative because of its affordability and rich features.

PDFelement comes in two editions: PDFelement Standard and PDFelement Pro. Let’s get an overview of what each version can do:

PDFelement Standard

PDFelement Standard

The Standard version of PDFelement gives you all the basic PDF tools you need to manage your document workflows. Key functions include creating, editing, commenting, converting, form-filling, security, organizing, digital signing, sharing, printing, etc. Whether you’re working with PDFs or any other document type, PDFelement Standard can help you get things done in a quick and painless manner with its simplified UI and easy feature navigation.

PDFelement Professional

PDFelement Professional

The Pro version of PDFelement includes everything in the Standard version plus several advanced processes for large companies and professionals with specific PDF management requirements. Some of these include OCR (optical character recognition or text recognition), Batch Processes to execute PDF tasks in bulk, advanced form field recognition, data extraction, support for additional file types, redaction, PDF/A support, file size optimization (reduction), Bates Numbering, etc.

PDFelement Standard: Feature Highlights and Who Can Benefit from It

The Standard version is powerful enough for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups looking for an affordable PDF editor that can do virtually anything that can be done on a premium (but expensive) tool like Adobe Acrobat DC. Some of the key features are listed below:

  1. Create PDF from over 300 file types
  2. Convert PDF to multiple useful formats like Word, Excel, HTML, Text, Image files, etc.
  3. Edit any content in a PDF document – images, text, comments, watermarks, etc.
  4. Freely annotate with extensive tools for highlighting, drawing, etc.
  5. Sort annotations by author, page, etc.
  6. Add passwords and restrictions
  7. Fill and add a digital signature to forms
  8. Merge PDFs and other documents into a single PDF.
  9. Split PDFs into multiple files
  10. Extract PDF pages
  11. Access 100s of templates
  12. Print files to PDF
  13. Use tab switching to access multiple open documents
  14. Create custom stamps and build a library of your own

The Standard version of PDFelement is great for professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs with limited staff and smaller document workflows. It will allow you to manage PDFs in an efficient way by putting the right tools in the hands of your employees. Some of the professionals for whom PDFelement Standard will prove useful are:

  1. Doctors with private clinics
  2. Architects and engineers
  3. Personal secretaries
  4. HR professionals
  5. Accounting staff
  6. Contract workers and freelancers
  7. Legal professionals

PDFelement Professional: Feature Highlights and Who Can Benefit from It

The Professional edition is an upgrade from the Standard version and offers several advanced features usually required by medium-sized companies and large organizations. Features like the Batch Process option are designed to handle large workflows to make departments more productive. In addition, the optical character recognition feature will allow companies to digitize their physical forms, invoices, and other paper documents for archiving purposes. Here are some of the important features to be aware of:

  1. All the features of PDFelement Standard
  2. Add files as attachments
  3. Edit scanned PDFs with the OCR plugin or make them searchable
  4. Add or remove watermarks as a batch process
  5. Apply Bates Numbering
  6. Scan to PDF
  7. Batch conversion of files from PDF to other formats
  8. 20+ languages are supported by the OCR feature
  9. PDF/Z support to create ISO-compliant document archives
  10. Automatic form recognition and form field recognition
  11. Form data extraction and data labeling
  12. Redaction tool for sensitive content
  13. Optimize PDFs by reducing their file sizes

The Professional version of PDFelement is an essential tool for any organization with large document workloads or companies with specific PDF requirements. This includes companies that process hundreds or thousands of physical documents on a daily basis, use extensive forms, and so on. Some of the target users of PDFelement Pro are:

  1. Large legal firms
  2. HR departments
  3. Accounting and finance divisions
  4. Insurance companies
  5. Banks and other financial institutions
  6. Company secretaries
  7. IT departments
  8. Real estate operators
  9. Transportation and logistics companies
  10. Educational institutions
  11. Hospitality industry members

As you can see, PDFelement Standard and Professional editions cover a wide range of document management requirements across multiple industries and professions. The product is more affordable than Acrobat, Nitro Pro, and other premium PDF editors but it offers matching features in an appealing and user-friendly interface. Moreover, PDFelement is often available at a discounted price or as a free trial. Subscribe to the PDFelement newsletter today to get your 7-day free trial of PDFelement and start becoming more productive right away.

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