8 Hacks You Should Learn With PDF

Updated October 6, 2023

PDF documents have now become the primary standard for viewing your documents. Why do users use them? The very top reason most users nowadays use this type of format is that it retains its original form when you view them on different devices or use a different program to open them.

Almost everyone experienced opening their documents using another type of format on another computer, and the form is screwed up already. Isn’t it annoying when users experience this type of problem?. That is why adobe created PDF, and there are platforms online that can provide you with altering tools for your PDF documents.

Split PDF

The PDF splitter is a tool to help users split their PDF documents into different pieces. Users can split their PDFs pages using split PDF online free. Users can split their PDF pages into one or more pages from their documents, and they can also remove the rest if you think the PDF is too large or users can do whatever they want.

PDFBear splitting your PDF is much easier; upload your chosen document to separate them on their website. After uploading the form, you must select the pages you want to split from the original document you have by quickly clicking on the page.

After selecting the pages you want to split from the PDF document, you have clicked it to refine the pages you just chose, and you will have to export it into another individual PDF. When the splitting process finishes, you can save your documents in a way you want, either downloading them or sharing them with users using emails or online platforms.

Protect PDF

PDF documents can sometimes contain confidential information and never be shared with anyone, and it needs to be protected no matter what. Protecting your PDF documents will help your papers from an unauthorized person accessing your documents. You can watch your pdf with Protect PDF available in PDFBear.

Unlock PDF

If you wish to unlock your PDF files, you can now decrypt them using online platforms that offer these tools like the PDFBear. Why do you need to open your PDF files? There will be times you will need to edit your PDF files, but it is much harder, especially if there are passwords encrypted on it. That is why you need a PDF unlocker.

Merge PDF

If you’ve got multiple PDF documents from different users, but they all have the same content or information, you can now merge them online using PDFBear. The Merging process also takes about a second only and won’t require you to wait for an hour. Combining your PDF is also convenient for your storage.

Compress PDF

Although PDF file format is very reliable and beneficial for transferring and sharing to other users online and useful in preserving your file format, PDF file formats can sometimes be extensive. It might still be difficult for users to share it; that is why there is a Compress PDF tool to help you reduce PDF file size.

Add numbers to PDF

Sometimes confusion might occur, especially when you have tons of pages for your PDF documents; It can be hard sometimes to distinguish which is which. But this problem can easily be solved by adding pages to your PDF documents so it will have a track of which form comes first and last.

Sign PDF

Many important documents need to be signed. And in our time, it is time-consuming if we still need to print a particular file and sign it, then scanning it all over again to send the signed document or if you need a client to sign a form. To save users time, PDFBear has a tool to help you sign your PDFs online without printing them.

Convert PDF

There are tons of ways to convert your PDF files in the format you want them to, for instance, using an online conversion tool like PDFBear. It is also easier for users to convert their files using the online platform, for this provides instructions on how to, and it also takes only about a few seconds to finish the conversion process.


Having a reliable platform that can help you with your PDF alteration is essential. PDFBear offers more than this list above; these are just some tools they offer online. The platform is reliable, as it also guarantees every user’s security who uses their available tools.