Video Downloading Software Vs. Online Services

Updated October 6, 2023

Nowadays every 3rd message in Facebook, post on Twitter or tutorial on a blog is provided with videos. There’s no doubt  that video is a king of content types as human’s brain receives up to 75% of information with help of visual system. In most of the cases videos are uploaded in online video format and in most of cases it’s a win: you just press “Play” button and wait. But sometimes we’re becoming prisoners of online convenience:

  • Sometimes we don’t have enough time to watch video completely
  • There’s no ability to edit video, to use it in your presentation or just to share it with your friends and relatives

So, as we see, there are many cases when it would be useful to download videos to watch them at PC later or transfer them to portable devices like iPod, PSP, etc.

Pros and Cons of Web and Desktop Video Downloaders

There are two main types of web video downloaders: desktop software like WM Recorder, RipTiger, etc and online downloading tools like SaveVid, KeepVid, and so on.

Sure, online tools have great advantages:

  • You don’t need to download any software
  • They can be reached from any PC with any operating system

Well, those benefits sound really good, but if too look closer, there are lots of cons:

  • There’s no possibility to cut or convert a chosen video, that means that you’ll have to download additional software, but later.
  • In most of cases videos get downloaded in a lower quality: not so bright, not so glossy and not so colorful.
  • It becomes impossible to download more than a few files at the same time as the speed will be to low and you’ll have to open each page in a new tab…

Online video downloading desktop software is much more powerful, because it allows downloading hundreds of videos at the same time, it automatically detects and starts downloading video or audio files, it can work without opened browser and the best thing is that downloading can be finished up to 10x faster.

As you see, you can pay for quality with convenience or vice versa: everyone should use a type of software which fits him best.

Author Bio:- Larry B. Heart is a tech blogger, media and 3d video Geek. His primary interest is media conversion and he believes that RipTiger download streaming video software is one of the most useful nowadays.

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