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Updated October 6, 2023

Youtube Downloader

YouTubNow is one of the most powerful services presented on the Internet today. Everyone knows the struggle of finding your favorite song on YouTube and not being able to listen to it on repeat. Well, you no longer have to worry, with websites such as YouTubeNow you can get your favorite songs downloaded directly on your phone or computer. Whether you want an MP3 version or an MP4 version, this software is no doubt perfect. It is quick, easy to use and the most importantly, absolutely free. Now you no longer have to install different software apps that will download your music and then another to compile it in a single file; YouTubNow does all this for you.

With its incredible features like the features mentioned below, this software is no doubt very good:

  • Unlimited Downloading

Most downloading software does not provide the user with unlimited downloading and instead charge them after downloading two to three songs. Also having advertisements pop-up after every other download can be very annoying. With YouTubNow you can say goodbye to these common problems; you can download as many songs as you want and anytime you want them downloaded.

  • Support Multiple Formats

It supports many different video formats and a different number of resolutions. For videos it provides the user with 3GP and MP4 whereas you can choose from any of the following resolutions: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

  • Video Search By Name

If you have no link to the video, it is no problem for YouTubNow. Simply enter the exact name of the file or whatever bits and pieces you remember, and this software will find it for you.

  • Youtube To MP3 Wizard

Getting the soundtrack out of any YouTube video onto your hard drive can be a very difficult thing to do; however, with YouTubNow’s online platform you can have this service with you. Simply choose the format you need to convert YouTube to MP3, download and enjoy.

  • Youtube To MP4

MP4 is no doubt one of the most popular downloaded file types today, and with this software, you can save video exactly in this format. Simply paste the link of the video into the search present on this software, choose the MP4 format from the format list and click on the download button to get this video with you.

Pros And Cons

Like every other software, YouTubNow also has its pros and cons. Some pros and cons of this amazing software are mentioned below:


  • It comes with no age restrictions at all
  • It is supported by all web browser including Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • Perfect for Apple and Android user both (mobile versions will be available soon)
  • Provides the user with an unlimited download


  • It does not allow direct download right away
  • It generates a new window when you click on the download button


In today’s advanced world, YouTube still does not allow you to play music by locking your phone. However, websites like YouTubNow help you to download the songs and videos you like on your phone so that you can have access to them.

With their amazing features such as unlimited downloading in multiple different formats, this software is no doubt amazing. You no longer have to register on any site before downloading because this software has no age restrictions. Forget paying for any of its features and enjoy this highly efficient software.

Make the most of YouTubNow., this online service is free, quick and very easy to use! What more do you want?

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