Send and Receive Free Fax Online without spending a single penny

Updated October 6, 2023

send online free faxDo you want to send and receive free online fax, without spending a single penny. Ok here i am going to share a free website, where you can send and receive Free Online Fix, but there is one problem that is that you can only send 2 Fax per day and Maximum 3 pages are allowed.

But still is a great free service to send online free fax without spending a single penny. Your Fax will be sent in .DOC, .DOCX OR in .PDF format. You can also send additional faxes on $1.99 per fax using your PayPal balance.

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How to Send Online Free Fax

Visit Faxzero and enter all the required information and then click on “Send Free Fax Now” button.

free fax

How to Receive Online Free Fax

Visit Faxaway’s and Apply for account. After successful registration, you will get a Fax number, where you can receive online Fax from any number.

Now you can easily send and receive fax online on internet.

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