How to Receive Free Fax Online On Internet?

Updated October 6, 2023

I always try to share tools that are really helpful for internet users to get benefits from it. As previously i wrote about how to send free fax online. Similarly i also shared some other online browser based tools like online image editing that you can use to edit photos directly in your favorite web browser. Add shadow effects to photos tools and  a lot of other tools, that you can use online on internet to save time.

Today i want to share a few websites that you can use to receive fax online on internet. If it is urgent for you and don’t have to Fax Machine and can’t go outside of your home, then you can use internet as a fax machine to get your fax. However still you will be needing a Printer to get the fax on a piece of paper. However it is not important to be on a piece of paper as you can simply receive it on internet in .pdf, .doc or any other format.

receive fax online

How to Receive Fax Online On Internet?

1. Faxaway

Use to receive fax from your friends, boss or partner. It is so simple just go to the website, create a account and get your number to send it to your friends, so that they can use it for sending a fax. You can even use the website to send free fax to your friends or any one else.

2. PamFax

Another website where you can receive your fax for free. It is not a browser based tool, but a desktop software that you will need to install in order to receive or send free faxes. Good thing is that there will be no advertisements on the fax you send and receive.

3. eFax

No need to pay money to a fax machine holder for just receiving a fax. You can get it for free using internet and websites like efax. It is one of be best website on internet to send and receive online fax. It delivers the best quality fax to your inbox.

These are the three best and reliable fax service that you can use online on internet to receive and send fax. If you know about any other service then feel free to share here with our readers.


  • Indian Website Marketing

    Nice list of online fax software Bilal, this can certainly come handy when in emergencies

  • Rohit Batra

    Thanks for sharing this i use to go to fax machine holder for this now i guess it will solve my problem..

  • Thanks a lot Bilal. It so simple ,I used fax away for my fax requirement.

  • I think It would be great if we can receive the fax directly on our Email. Do you think it is possible?

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