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Easy Way to Send Free International SMS From Internet

As we know, SMS are the cheapest source of communication in today’s world. I don’t know about the whole world, but here in Pakistan, SMS is one of the most cheapest source of communication. We can send 8000 SMS for only $1.2. Yes for only $1.2. That is why SMS is the cheapest source of communication. May be in your computer it will not be the cheapest, but in Asian Countries it is the only cheapest source of communication.

But there is a problem, international SMS are not cheap in our country and may also be in your country. In order to solve this problem I am going to share a website, where you can send and receive Free International SMS  to any country without spending a single penny.

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As you can see in below screen shot, this is the theme of the website, where you can send FREE INTERNATIONAL SMS.

How to Send Free International SMS

Visit Pinoywap.net and enter the Receiver number, but with country code. [Update: This website is no longer available. You can check the sites listed at the end of this article)

Update:- You Must have at least 100 plusses to use this service.

Type you message and click on send button. But remember you can only send 2nd message after 16 seconds. There must be 16 second interval between the next SMS. You can send unlimited SMS (Not sure, but may be there is some limit)

easily send free international sms

If the above website is not working for you then try the following websites.