5 Online Watermarking Tools To Protect Your Images and Screen Shots

Updated October 6, 2023

I love oline tools that can help me in blogging or any other project. Without downloading or owing a tool you can still use tools online in your web browsers to perform a function. For example online image editing tools can help you to edit images in your web browser, online image resizing tools can help you to resize images, and tools are available that can be used to add shadow effects to photos online in your favorite web browser. Today, In this post I want to share some more online tools that can help you to watermark your photos, images and screen shots so that no one can copy it. It is very useful for those who are bloggers and write about tutorials, these tools can help you to protect your hard work. Although those bloggers who are on wordpress platform can use Watermark Reloaded Plugin, to automate the process, however other blogging platform bloggers can use these free online tools.

online watermark tools

5 Watermark Online Tools

1. Watermark.ws

A web based watermark tool where you can easily watermark text on a photo or screen shot. You can upload multiple images at a time and use any text as watermarked on it. Even you can edit resize and crop photos and screen shots. No size limit and no upload limit. You can upload unlimited photos and whatever the size is just don’t worry about it. The process is 400% faster then any other desktop or down loadable software.


2. Watermarktool.com

Another free available online browser based watermark tool is Watermarktool. Where you can watermark a screen shot or photo with fast speed and no limit. It help you to protect your hard work by watermarking a text or your website or blog name. You can perform all the tasks without registration, just access the website and there you go.


3. Picmarkr.com

A flicker like website where you can watermark your photos and screen shots in your favorite web browser. Protect you images by adding your personal text so that no one can steal your work. Just in 3 simple steps you can watermark photos.


4. Webwatermarks.com

Stamp a text or your personal identification words on a image or photo to secure your work. A very simple and fast web based tool that you can use for free.

Update:- This tools is no longer available.


4. UMarkOnline.com

This is a batck watermarking tool where you can upload multiplate photos at a time to watermark them. The online editor allows you to place text anywhere on the phone. You can use the “Transparency” feature to blend the text or make it more visible on the image.

[Visit Here]

5. PDFiad.com

This is for watermarking pdf files and photos. It has a lot of more free features that you can avail. For example conversion of pdf to images, html, pdf splitter, extracting images,adding pop ups etc…


If you would like to add another watermarking tool in the list. Feel free to share in the comment section below.


  • PDFiad seems to be closed.
    Another non-listed option is watermarkly.

  • Hi,

    I am a creator of an offline watermarking software and I have just launched an online version at umarkonline.com.

    It’s not as feature rich as the tools mentioned above because my main product is offline. But my service allows to add a quick watermark without much clutter.

    Do check it out.

  • Eka Kosta

    Thanks for great articles. Btw, do you have info about offline watermark software?

  • nice tips thanks for shering, i already run a site of pictures and this tool is very usefull to me.

  • yash hooda

    hello there, me yash, i found that article when i searching for seo tools and a guestion come in my mind. I have an blogger blog, and i didnt have watermark. is there any plugin , widget or tool for watermarking on my blogger blog images ? Please reply if u know something about that. Thanks in advance

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Yash@ Blogger has no feature available for plugin installation. You will have to manually watermark pictures and images.

      • yash hooda

        its strange brother, i have picture collection blog n it very hard to put watermark manualy on each image everyday, so bad,. anyways thanks for the reply bro

  • batikent nakliyat

    Thank you sharing useful and beautiful

  • Kyle Clouse

    Very cool list. Thanks for sharing.

  • nice source. you editing in software is much hard.i think this is best way to protect you material.

  • Thiru@webappdirectory

    Thanks for the suggestion mate, hope i can protect my sources hereafter.

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