5 Free Online PDF to MS Word, Excel Converters

Updated October 6, 2023

Converter are simple but very useful tools that helps in converting one file to another format. Now a days the usage of Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word  has increased significantly. Whether it is a student, teacher, business man, blogger, thesis writers or any protect developer. Every internet user is using these programs, however some time you will need to convert an adobe reader file that is in .pdf format to .doc format. For that there are some useful and free online tools available that will help you to convert PDF to MS Word. There is no need to buy any paid software, because these online tools can do it for you without any cost.

Update:- I recommend Docs.zone for online conversion of documents. It is free and allows several converstion features.

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5 Online PDF to Word Converters

1. Convert PDF to Word

pdf to word converters

One of the most popular converter that is available for free on internet. It provides pdf to ms word, word to pdf and pdf to excel converter. With just a click you can convert your files to your required formats. It is much more advance and enhanced then any other online tool. Just give a try to this one and you will see the result.

2. Free PDF Converter

pdf to word

It provides converter that converts MS word, Lotus, Excel, PDF, Images and Web pages to your require formats. It has both free and paid version. If you only converts 1 or 2 files a day then go for free plan, but if you need to convert bulk files then go for paid package.  However free is good for students, bloggers and small users.

3. PDF Online

pdf online
I found several positive reviews about this online tool. Every user has there own comments and feedbacks about a particular product. It depends on you that which part of the product is more valuble to you. Just like the above two tools this is also a pdf to word converter. It also provides pdf to html, web to pdf and pdf service for iphone.

4. Free PDF to Word

free pdf to word

Another advance tool that will enable you to perform batch conversion at a time with improved quality. Aprat from conversion services it also provides Form recognition, rotated text recovery, header and footers, hyper link detection and quality PDF to Word Conversion.

5. PDF to word, excel

pdf to excel and word

They claim that there service can provide more accurate and advance result than any other tool. What you have to do is to check this tool and then tell us that if exactly it provides the same quality service or not. However one this is confirmed, that you can convert PDF to Word (.doc), .rtf and .hmtl.

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