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Updated October 6, 2023

If you’re a tech savvy person who wants to sign up for a service on the Internet, you would have noticed the first thing that the service provider demands from you is your email address. In addition to signing up for an Internet service, even leaving a comment on any blog requires you to register yourself with an email account. Now, if you are allergic to your email address being spammed by these sort of mails, there are many websites that would generate temporary disposable Email addresses for you.

As a result of this evolution of disposable Email addresses, most of the service providers nowadays use a phone verification system. They send a code to your cell phone number and by entering that code on the website, you indicate your authenticity.

As you might guess, the aim of this phone verification system is to make sure that you’re for real. As bad as it sounds, most online service providers have implemented this system nowadays.

However, if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable of receiving an SMS every time you sign up for an online service, there are numerous sites that would help you to receive that particular SMS on a Computer. As a result, you’re only a click away from knowing that code and accessing the resulting service on the Internet.

Receive SMS Without Mobile Phone

Here are top 15 Sites that would help you to Receive SMS Without Mobile Phone.

1:- Twilio

If you won’t want to spend money, twilio is the right option for you as the website offers a free trial account. You give the website your real number and in return it provides you with an anonymous cell phone number. So that, every time you have signed up with a service provider that wants a phone verification system, you could give them your cell phone number that is generated by twilio and avoid the hassle.

One drawback of this service, however is that it won’t allow you to send messages to numbers that are unverified. This drawback is overcome by the fact that it would allow you to receive SMS without Mobile Phone.


Currently listing only 6-phone numbers – 4 of which are from Great Britain, this service will display all the messages that are sent to it on the its website. All you have to do to receive those messages is to refresh your browser. However, if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable that your messages are displayed to general public, you could get a private inbox that would collect your messages.

One major benefit of the service is that it is a worldwide service. It means that you will be able to see messages sent from any company on the official website of the service.

3:- Sellaite SMS Receiver

One the website of the Sellaite SMS Receiver, normally a public phone number appears. The country of the Public phone numbers that are available on the website in most cases is Estonia. The Public phone numbers are numerous and also the Sellaite Customer Service Center is very quick to take down the numbers that don’t respond.

Thus, unless there is an SMS gateway that won’t send messages to Estonia, this service is one of the best out there for you. However, one disadvantage with this service provider is its privacy. It doesn’t have a personal Inbox for every member which means that your SMS could/would be read by any person that has browsed the website at that particular time.


Offering 10 public phone numbers from more than 5 Countries, this site mainly comprises of countries from Europe. One drawback with this site is that it won’t protect the anonymity of the sender. For example, if you have sent a message to, it will display your full phone number. This is not the case with other websites that hide the last 4 numbers.

5:- Sellaite SMS RECEIVER

During the initial signup stage with this website, you’ll be asked to provide a valid US zip code. If you don’t feel comfortable on how to find a valid US zip code, here is a tip for you: Google it. The website would not demand any more proof rather than that of a zip code. Therefore, it should be easy for you to sign up without any kind of hassle.

Another advantage this website offers is that it takes into account the factor of human error. For example, if you have forgotten your phone number for some reason, only one click on the “Options” menu bar of this website will display the phone number for you.

As a result, you don’t have to write that number down and keep it close to you at all the times.


If you want to check the authenticity of this website, all you need to do is to send an SMS on the various numbers that are available on the website. As of today, there are 8-phone numbers that are made available to the general public on the website. 3 of these numbers are from the United Kingdom while the other 5 are from the United States.

Tip: Before giving out any number to the service provider, make sure that it is working by sending an SMS to it yourself. We have seen numerous complaints on various websites that some of the numbers that are offered by ReceiveSMSonline didn’t work out as intended.

7:- TextNow

If you have read carefully the aforementioned services, one thing you would have deduced that most of them don’t take into account your privacy. Most of them provide public phone numbers which anybody can use. That is where TextNow has an edge over all of them.

It provides you with a free private phone number which, needless to say, could only be accessed by you to receive SMS text messages. After signing up with the website, you would be given a free phone number that would be private as well as unique.

In order to get the most out of your experience with TextNow, we would recommend you to use a US based proxy when signing up for the website. After that, you could use any proxy and it would do the work for you.


A website that is not as vast as many of those mentioned above, still does the work for you. At normal times, it enlists 2 phone numbers both of whom are displayed for the general public. Private SMS text Messages aren’t available on this site.


When you visit this website for the first time, the first thing that you’ll be struck is that this website requires no particular registration. On our last visit to the website, there were 10 numbers that were made available to the general public. All you have to do is to click on that particular number and you’ll see all relevant messages on Receive-SMS-Online.


As far as out last check of this website is concerned, it consists of 4 numbers most of whom are from the US. Now, if you want to use this website in order to receive text messages, we would recommend you to use the Hungarian Phone Number that is listed there. That phone number is the most reliable and it rarely fails.


In addition to receiving messages from any particular phone, this website boosts its ability to receive messages from Facebook, Telegram, Wechat, PayPal, AliPay and more. On last check SMS-online enlisted 9 Phone numbers from 9-different countries. The most reliable number – as indicated by the website itself, was from the UK.


Another website that serves the same purpose, but with less effectiveness. One thing that I’ve gathered after visiting this particular site is that, at times, its interface is not user friendly. Other than that, SMS.ndtan is similar to the sites that are mentioned above.


As suggested by its name, this website contains most of the numbers from the European Countries. In-fact, at the time of checking, the website contained only one Non-Euro number that was from the US. In addition to providing the text free service, this website also sells anonymous numbers to its users.

The most expensive number belonged to the United States for $24.99 and the least expensive belonged to Czech Republic for $6.99. As you might guess, the numbers that cost money are for your private use while those that are free are for the entire general public.


In addition to receiving free SMS text messages, this website also offers a host of other services. For example, it offers bulk and personalized SMS sending to whole group with one click. Also, it offers the service of quick SMS sending through a web-based interface which means that you could send your messages from an anonymous number using your Personal Computer. However, while the basic services i.e. sending and receiving SMS text messages come for free, the more advanced services offered by PROOVL come at a particular price.


Before entering this particular website, they will make sure that you are not a ROBOT. For this, they’ll use a Captcha service. After going through with the above step successfully, you’ll be lead to the main website where all the numbers are listed.

One thing that differentiates this website from all of those that are mentioned before is its collection of numbers. It boosts of 29-Numbers from as many different countries ranging from South Korea to United States and from Mexico to Finland. Thus, if you want to receive messages on the phone number of a particular country, you will get a wide range of choices from

Additional Site is a free service to receive SMS online and voice mails. Select a phone number from the list and receive SMS instantly. You can use it to receive messages from Facebook, Google, WeChat, Telegram, VK, PayPal, AliPay and much more. FreePhoneNum helps keep your personal number private.

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