5 Websites to Send Free Fax On Internet World Wide

Updated October 6, 2023

Internet has provided a lot of online tools that can help you in saving time and money. You don’t need to go to a shop to send Fax, because it is now super easy to send and receive Fax Online for free.

In today’s digitalized world, there is still Fax Machine used by most organizations and you may be asked to communicated certain information only via Fax. In this situation when you don’t have a Fax Machine, you can use your Internet to directly send a message/information/letter from your Computer/Laptop or even a Smartphone to the person.

The following are some of the Free Online Fax Sending Websites where you can enter the Fax Number and upload the Letter and hit the Send Button. The tool will send the Fax to the number in real time.

send free fax

Send Free Fax on Internet

1. FaxZero

The first available website which offers you send free fax to any country is faxzero. You can send 2 faxes daily, but maximum pages allowed are 3. However there will be  a small add on the fax.

2. SendFreeFax

Another website where you can select and choose country by name and latter. The website is new but offers you quality free faxing facility.

3. FAX-Plus

Singup on the website and enter the recipient’s fax number and upload the document. Hit the Send button and wait for the confirmation. Once the Fax is successfully sent to the recipient, you will receive a confirmation email on the email address you have provided.

3. CoCoFax

This website allows you send upto 10 Fax Pages completely for Free. However the free fax sending is only offered as a trail and after that you have to go for a monthly package.

4. GotFreeFax

It is also free but you can only send free fax to US and Canada. You can fax 2 document of 3 pages with ads daily. The only disadvante is that you can only send fax to Canada and US.

5. FaxBetter

This website allows you to signup without Credit Card. Just create an account and you will receive a Free Fax Number. The number can be used to receive Fax from any country. Similarly you can use this website to send Free Fax Online to anyone.

Hope you like the post.

The post will be updated to make sure the website listed work fine. I have personally tested all the above sites and they are working. You can use to Send Fax Online for Free and can also receive fax as well.

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  • These free online faxes are helpful especially when my business was still small. Thanks a lot!

  • Bilal Ahmad

    raybak@ Yes when the fax get delivered you will get a confirmation email in your inbox.

  • these are very useful websites but do you get some sort of receipt or confirmation once the fax is sent?

  • Wow these Websites are useful as they can allow us to send free Fax

  • Tell Event

    Good information, this is the first time i read about free faxing services online.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    PR@ Yes i also send a fax to shareasale using faxzero.

  • PR@AlmostLikeEverything!

    Hey Thanks for the information , somedays back i was thinking about this , as i wanted to send a fax to Shareasale but i dont have a fax Machine!

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